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Who Are These AweSome People?

We design Made in U.S.A. upgrades for electric guitar and bass instruments. Our products give you more unique pure analog pickup tones than your "stock" instrument can produce.

Our family of Pickup Switch UpgradeTM products are designed to give you all the additional hidden pickup tones that you cannot get from your stock electric guitar or bass.

Want "Lego-like" easy-to-connect-and-use upgrades for your electric guitar and bass? Now you can finally have all the possible pickup tones from your instruments.

Now you can get upgrade products that give you the ultimate in pickup tone power. Our products get great reviews from many A-List players (see our COMMENTS page). With many repeat customers — you know you are getting products with exceptional value, quality and performance.

We now use the term "Pickup Coil" (instead of "pickup") that our upgrade products control. This is because there are 4-wire humbucker pickups that have two separate controllable pickup coils. There are also "triple-bucker pickup" (one with three separate pickup coils). To avoid confusion, we describe the total number of pickup coils that each of our upgrade products control.

The following "core" pickup switch products are used in our electric guitar and bass upgrade products. In addition to being bundled with our other upgrade products, these core pickup switch products are also available separately, either as Assembled and Tested versions or Kit versions.

Other Information

Your upgrade products include a 30-day 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If for ANY reason you are not satisfied with your purchase, you may return it for a refund or replacement (see our FAQs for details.)

Best of all, our factory assembled and tested "core" switch products (either separately or part of our upgrade products) now come with a Lifetime Warranty.

Our upgrade products cannot be used with low impedance active (i.e, battery powered) pickups or piezeoelectric pickups.

Do you want more detailed information? Click HERE.