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AweSome Terms

Thank you for your interest in becoming one of our valued Charter AweSome Dealers.
To be approved as a Charter AweSome Dealer, you agree to our Terms stated herein.
(AweSome Musical Instruments Dealer Terms; effective June 8, 2022)

First, you should know that our products are proudly designed and made in the U.S.A. by productive Americans who embrace quality.

Second, we are an un-company by design (one without a building, employees or assets). We have outsourced all non-strategic business responsibilities (e.g., product manufacturing, testing, storage and order fulfillment) to local companies. By having our ISO-certified business partners shoulder these activities, we can totally focus on developing new products to add to our catalog as well as more effectively promote our company.

Although many of our products can be used with any electric guitar or bass, the bulk of our upgrades are Fender-centric; specifically Stratocaster, Telecaster and Jazz Bass instruments. Why? Because by our estimates, there is a combined 23 Million of these instruments worldwide in the hands of existing customers. We are the only source on earth that offers upgrades for these instruments that also gives you Treble Bleed performance. Because of this, many "repair shops" can enjoy huge profit just upgrading existing instruments that do not contain this function.

The average "hobby guitarist" has 5.7 electric guitars. To get repeat sales from them means that our products need to be so incredible that the benefits they offer customers can justify upgrading the rest of their instruments (plus the personal recommendations from these customers to other musicians.)

We are the sole source of supply for our unique products — products that produce more pure analog pickup tone power that no one else can offer. Because we do not have distributors, all of our products are not LEGALLY available from any other distribution source other than ourselves.

It is IMPORTANT for our AweSome Dealers to know that we do not support discounting the price of our products because it implies to customers that our products are not of high value. This means that you must agree to use our published list price for each of our products.   You are permitted to use a higher price than OUR list price, especially where your expenses (i.e., VAT, customs duty, etc.) requires passing these added costs on to the customer. In summary, our List Price is our MAP.   This Binding Agreement is necessary to prevent having our registered AweSome Dealers pit themselves against each other in a "price race to the bottom" where everyone loses.

We provide our AweSome Dealers with excellent profit margins, so there is no defensible reason for anyone to discount our unique products.   When you use our published list price for each of our products, you get great profit.   We have zero tolerance for Price Predators because it is neither good for our AweSome Dealers nor for our company. These greedy "bad eggs" only serve to drive quality Dealers away — and we will not permit that to happen.

We are using the same sound business practice that is used by the U.S. automotive industry. For example, you can't go to any Ford dealer and "chew them down" in price. ALL of the Ford dealers have been told the price that they will use to sell their vehicles and their attitude is: "What you see is what you get — and this is the price.   Take it or leave it."   This "united front" business practice has NOT prevented customers from buying Ford vehicles.   In fact, it has helped ALL the dealers because they ALL adhere to selling product AT THE SAME PRICE — and innoculates them from beating each other up in a price war.   There is no justifiable reason for those in the music industry to behave as predators.

Dealers that do not understand this sound business practice will quickly be on our "DO NOT SERVE" list and no longer supplied.

As an Awesome Dealer, you are agreeing to sell our products at our published list price. This binding agreement is used to protect you and our other AweSome Dealers from the deep-discounting and predatory practices of others who don't understand the value of "community".

Since our inception, we have deliberately chosen to stay under everyone's radar. Our focus has been to increase our product catalog (now with several dozen upgrade products) and garner published product reviews and extensive customer comments (see our website Comments page for their words). Taken together, these items are strong evidence that our upgrade products are "Solid Gold".

All of our incredible upgrade products are available to REGISTERED AweSome Dealers for a great discount off our list price plus shipping. No Returns or Refunds (defective products are replaced at our expense). We don't make the discount public, so you need to register to find out (just like Nancy Pelosi's "You'll find out what's in the bill after you vote for it.")

Because we have no cumbersome application process, registering with us is simple and fast.

*** But you must email us a copy of your IRS EIN Federal Tax ID to prove you are a real business. ***

The information you provide will be verified prior to being approved as an AweSome Musical Instruments registered Dealer. If approved, you will receive a Welcome Email that contains information about how to purchase our products at a discount, and also contains additional helpful information.

We exclusively use PayPal as the payment vendor for your purchases. (You do Not have to be a Paypal member to purchase our products.) This lets you use any of several Paypal payment options to pay for your purchases.

We do not offer credit terms. We are a business — not a bank. If you need to finance the purchase of our products, talk to your financial institution's loan officer.

The companies that are OK with our business model will enjoy healthy profit. Those that aren't — won't.

(NOTE: After you click the [Submit] button, the page will appear to be blank, so SCROLL UP TO SEE THE CONFIRMATION MESSAGE.)