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Dealer Registration

Congratulations on choosing to become a registered AweSome Dealer.
Our products are the perfect business income opportunity for every:

GREAT Margins

As an AweSome Dealer, you get Incredible discounts on your orders.

No Competition

We have over 100 upgrade products to help your customers squeeze all the pickup tones out of their instruments. And because we don't sell to Amazon, Guitar Center, Sweetwater, etc., you are protected from price predators. Our electric guitar and bass upgrade products give you a new — and profit protected — way to generate healthy profit.

Multiple Revenue Streams

You get multiple income sources from our upgrade products.

Discounters Are BANNED

We permanently ban and stop supplying sellers who discount our products. Let us know if a dealer is discounting our products. If confirmed, we will reward you with a free upgrade product.

Product Samples

Product samples are not available because people who received them would take no action to evaluate them. All of our products have been certified as incredible by numerous product reviews (see product reviews on our website Media page.) In addition, they have been passionately embraced by thousands of satisfied customers, with over 50 percent being multiple repeat purchasers (see customer feedback on our website Comments page.)

STRONG WARNING: We will soon release our Next Generation (NG) upgrade products. Although Dealer registration is currently free, After June 30, 2018, our FREE registration offer will expire. Once these NG products are released, if you are NOT a registered dealer there will be a very steep Registration fee of $5,000, plus a Yearly Renewal fee of $2,500 to profit from these incredible products (yes, the NG products are that incredible!) If you are registered before this free registration offer expires, you will be exempt from these fees.

Our Next Generation Products

Can't say much about our Next Generation product under development in our AweSome Skunkworks laboratories. But it is safe to tell you that when it's released, it will clearly be ONE HUNDRED YEARS AHEAD OF EVERYTHING on earth. Once the word gets out about this incredible switching product, dealers who don't stock this product will see customer traffic quickly move to dealer(s) who do offer them.

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