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AweSome Guitar Garage Sale

The following sale items are available.

Current Items

We have a Telecaster Upgrade for you. Designed for the standard Telecaster (or clone) with two single-coil pickups, this upgrade (item #001) gives you a total of six unique pickup tones from your upgraded Tele. You still have the following "stock" three pickup tones

  1. Bridge pickup on
  2. Bridge + Neck pickups on (in parallel and in normal-phase)
  3. Neck pickup on

But with this upgrade, you get the following three additional pickup tones that simply are not available on your stock instrument.

  1. Bridge + Neck pickups on (in parallel and in reverse-phase) giving you intense glass-shattering country twang
  2. Bridge + Neck pickups on (in series and in normal-phase) giving you a Jazz humbucker-like tone
  3. Bridge + Neck pickups on (in series and in reverse-phase) giving you a more robust country twang tone

This upgrade was returned to us with a broken volume control shaft. The volume control has been replaced and the upgrade has been functionally tested. This refurbished upgrade (although not brand new) also includes our 1-year return guarantee and is $10 off our normal low price.

There is only one upgrade available. If you are interested, send us a message (including your shipping address) and we will send you a PayPal payment request for $87.99 plus shipping.