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AweSome Licensing Terms

Thank you for your interest both in our products and registering to become one of our valued AweSome Licensees.

You should know that our products are proudly designed and made in the U.S.A. by productive Americans who passionately embrace quality.

Because we are an Un-company by design, we do not have a building, employees or assets. We have outsourced all non-strategic business responsibilities (e.g., product manufacturing, testing, storage and order fulfillment) to local companies. Our ISO certified business partners now shoulder these activities so we can focus on developing new products; as well as more effectively promote our company.

Our core switch upgrade products are available to Registered Licensees for a percent off our list price plus shipping. The discount percent is not published, so you need to register to find out (just like Nancy Pelosi's "You'll find out what's in the bill after you vote for it.")

There is no minimum quantity requirement after your initial order of $500US or more and is required within 30 days of registering. This lets us know that you are a serious business and not some hobbyist trying to get a deal. In addition, you will also need to place at least one order during each quarter to avoid having your AweSome Licensee privileges expire.   Because we have no cumbersome application process to bog you down, registering with us is both simple and fast.

The information you provide will be verified prior to being approved as an AweSome Musical Instruments registered Licensee.   After being verified, you will receive an email (normally within five business days) that gives you access to our Licensee purchasing page.

We do not share your information with anyone. Providing false or misleading information will put you on our "DO NOT SERVE" list.

All of your purchases are made using Paypal as the payment vendor. (You do not have to be a Paypal member to make payments.) This lets you use any of several Paypal payment options to pay for your purchases.

You must accept our Terms before you can apply as an AweSome Licensee.

(NOTE: After you click the [Submit] button, the page will appear to be blank, so SCROLL UP TO SEE THE CONFIRMATION MESSAGE.)