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Want To Increase Your Electric Guitar And Bass Sales?

You already know it:   The poor economy of the last eight years has affected your business.

The following things have reduced your electric guitar sales. Different music genres (like rap, electronica, etc.) that doesn't require a musical instrument to master so you can "perform." You just buy a "thump box", plug it in and you're in business. Even worse, the last decade's bad economy produced a lot of unemployed people, many of whom are now making custom guitars (as your competitors) to survive. The competition is getting even more fierce now that hoards of (I'm talking over 10,000) Chinese manufacturers (accessible on,, etc.) are now flooding the U.S. with cheap "knock-offs". If poor sales of your instruments now have you slashing price just to "stay in the game", you know what we are saying is true.

Right now, the only real differences in any electric guitar or bass is color, shape and price — three basic commodity characteristics. If you truly want to jump-start your sales, you need to offer customers a fourth dimension — something that makes your instruments completely unique.

Have You Noticed This New Trend?

The bigger manufacturers are gearing up to embrace this uniqueness. You can see it with their newer electric guitar (and bass) models that now have additional mini toggle switches.

They are doing this because their data is saying that their customers want More from their electric guitars than the tired old three or five pickup tones. They want every possible "hidden" pickup tone that they can get because it gives them incredible flexibility in their tonal vocabulary to make them sound stellar and unique.

We give these manufacturers credit for trying to give customer more options. But there is no logic to their design (i.e., either the placement or function of these added switches.) And sadly, they still don't produce all the pickup tones that are possible.

But you and your electric guitars don't have to be "left behind." Now you can offset your poor sales by giving your customers incredible instruments that have MORE pickup tones than anyone else.

You can offer your customers a Grand Canyon Wide range of pickup tones on one upgraded guitar:
Blues, Jazz, Metal, Surf, Country, Glass-Shattering Tin-Canny, and many tones in between...

You can increase your profit when you offer your customers very profitable upsell upgrades that will give your customers more unique pickup tones from their instrument. This is like an artist finding more colors of paint to work with.

We have been at the forefront of giving you all the possible pickup tone combinations you can get from your guitar. Our upgrade products will give you all the pickup tones that are "hidden" in your stock instrument. Our switching layout is Simple, Consistent, Logical — and it's at your fingertips, not chaotically scattered around the instrument.

Our upgrade products Give You Amazing Tones Without Changing Your Pickups.

To be a truly creative artist, which is better? A box of crayons with three or five colors? Or one with a rainbow of 102 different color hues?

Get This Huge "Secret Weapon" Benefit

Using the old-style, horse-and-buggy 5-way or 3-way pickup switch doesn't cut it. When you can offer your customers optional upgrades using our 21st Century Pickup Switch UpgradeTM products, you get a HUGE edge over your competitors. It is simply No Contest because your upgraded instruments have more pickup tone power than anything on the planet.

Simply put, this is what ALL your customers really want: More Pickup Tones, More Versatility, A Unique Signature Sound, More of everything.

And when customers realize they are being short-changed by those inadequate antique 5-way and 3-way switches your competitors are using, they are going to be buying your superior products in droves because this is something your competitors do not offer.

When serious players find out that most manufacturers are robbing them of access to incredible and unique pickup tones
— many of which are those hard-to-get signature sounds of numerous guitar gods —
they are going to be migrating to you in droves because you don't suppress the wide range of pickup tones available to them.

Why You Should Use Our AweSome Products

You get a huge sales edge because you can instantly offer optional and profitable upgrades for your products that have performance superior to everything else. These easy-install upgrades let you "hijack" the market share and profit of others and flow it directly to your bottom line.

You get the following incredible benefits from our upgrade products:

Why would we share these incredible upgrades with you? We're not greedy and we aren't big enough to dominate the world market. We are a sharing company and we want to help you to enjoy this benefit too. When you embrace our products and increase your sales success, it also increases our success.

Oh, and one more thing...

These simple marketing statements gives you the clear edge:

"Buy the competitor's 3-pickup guitar and get 5 pickup tones or Buy Ours and get Grand Canyon Wide range of 35 pure analog pickup tones."

      —or even better—

"Buy the competitor's guitar with two humbuckers and get 3 pickup tones or Buy Ours and get an incredible range of 68 (or 102) pickup tones."

Do YOU want to be the one using these comparisons — or do you want Your Competitor using them?

You Need To Sign Up Now!

Are you are truly serious about increasing your bottom line?

We are the only company who can give you more pure analog pickup tone power than anyone else.
You are invited to register now as a Charter AweSome Licensee (while it's still FREE). It takes less than a minute.

Product Samples

Product samples are not available because people who received them would take no action to evaluate them. All of our products have been proven and passionately embraced by thousands of exceptionally satisfied customers, with over 50 percent being multiple repeat purchasers (see customer feedback on our website Comments page.)

STRONG WARNING: We will soon release our Next Generation (NG) upgrade products. Although Dealer registration is currently free, After March 31, 2018, our FREE registration offer will expire. Once these NG products are released, if you are NOT a registered dealer there will be a very steep Registration fee of $5,000, plus a Yearly Renewal fee of $2,500 to profit from these incredible products. If you are registered before this free registration offer expires, you will be exempt from these fees.

Our Next Generation Products

Can't say much about our Next Generation product under development in our AweSome Skunkworks laboratories. But I can safely tell you that when it's released, it will clearly be ONE HUNDRED YEARS AHEAD OF EVERYTHING on earth. Once the word gets out about this incredible switching product, manufacturers who don't offer this product will see customer traffic quickly move to manufacturers who do offer them.

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