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Media Page For T4-Switch

This page contains: Audio Clips of an Epiphone Les Paul Standard guitar that was upgraded with our T4-Switch product.
The stock version of this guitar gave you 3 pickup tones. After the upgrade, it now gives you 68 pickup tones.


Below are the complete set of MP3 audio clips of the 68 pickup tones that are now available from an AweSome upgraded Epiphone Les Paul Standard guitar. It lets you hear the typical range of sound you can get after you install our high performance T4-Switch Pickup Switch UpgradeTM product. This upgrade gives you more than three times the number of pickup tones than the standard (and more cumbersome to use) "Jimmy Page" modification.

The pickup tones are presented in the same order as our 68 Pickup Tones Table available here. This upgraded Epiphone's original 2-wire humbucker pickups were replaced with two 4-wire humbucker pickups. The Bridge pickup South coil is controlled by the S1B switch and the Bridge North pickup coil is controlled by the S2B switch. Likewise, the Neck South pickup coil is controlled by the S1N switch and the Neck North pickup coil is controlled by the S2N switch.

The same short riff is recorded for each of the pickup tones. This riff walks the notes up from the low "E" string (starting at the third fret, or "G") to the high "E" string,and then ends with a "G" chord using all six strings. This is a practical way to let you quickly make easy comparison of the tones. You should also know that replacing one pickup with another will produce an entirely different palette of pickup tones.

Tone 01:
Tone 02:
Tone 03:
Tone 04:
Tone 05:
Tone 06:
Tone 07:
Tone 08:
Tone 09:
Tone 10:

Tone 11:
Tone 12:
Tone 13:
Tone 14:
Tone 15:
Tone 16:
Tone 17:
Tone 18:
Tone 19:
Tone 20:

Tone 21:
Tone 22:
Tone 23:
Tone 24:
Tone 25:
Tone 26:
Tone 27:
Tone 28:
Tone 29:
Tone 30:

Tone 31:
Tone 32:
Tone 33:
Tone 34:
Tone 35:
Tone 36:
Tone 37:
Tone 38:
Tone 39:
Tone 40:

Tone 41:
Tone 42:
Tone 43:
Tone 44:
Tone 45:
Tone 46:
Tone 47:
Tone 48:
Tone 49:
Tone 50:

Tone 51:
Tone 52:
Tone 53:
Tone 54:
Tone 55:
Tone 56:
Tone 57:
Tone 58:
Tone 59:
Tone 60:

Tone 61:
Tone 62:
Tone 63:
Tone 64:
Tone 65:
Tone 66:
Tone 67:
Tone 68: