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Media Page For T2-Switch

This page contains: Audio Clips that you can expect from a telecaster or other guitar with two 2-wire pickups that was upgraded with our T2-Switch product. The stock version of this guitar gave you 3 pickup tones. After the upgrade, your guitar (or bass) will produce 6 pickup tones.


Here are some AweSome product audio clips that demonstrate product use and the range of sound you can get from this High Performance T2-Switch Pickup Switch UpgradeTM product.

Bridge Pickup Tone (stock)

Tone 01: Bridge Pickup Tone (stock)
Tone 02: Neck Pickup Tone (stock)

Tone 03: Bridge and Neck Pickup Tone (stock) (in parallel, normal phase)
Tone 04: Bridge and Neck Pickup (in parallel, reverse phase)
Tone 05: Bridge and Neck Pickup (in series, normal phase)
Tone 06: Bridge and Neck Pickup (in series, reverse phase)