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This page has new product information.

2020-03-01: Effective today, all products returned will be put into a mandatory 40-day quarantine to protect our workers from ChiCom-19 Death Virus infection.

2019-12-13: Released our complete suite of AweSome electric guitar pickups. Included is our incredible asymmetric 4-wire humbucker pickups that give you more unique pickup tones from our T3Plus and T4Plus switch products.

2019-11-26: Released dozens of our Treble Bleed and Grease Bucket upgrade products. You can get regular and push-pull pots equipped with our Treble Bleed or Grease Bucket function. Also available are "drop in" upgrades for Stratocaster, Telecaster and Jazz Bass that come with Treble Bleed and Grease Bucket. You can even get budget upgrades for your Stratocaster, Telecaster and Jazz Bass that offers Treble Bleed and Grease Bucket performance.

2019-09-12: Released our revised website that is more mobile friendly. Being product focused, it gives visitors complete detail pages for each of our 100+ upgrade products.

2019-02-20: Product Release: Our expanded "core" pickup switch products gives you more choices. They are available in assembled and tested or KIT versions. Here is a summary of each.

  1. T2P-Switch gives you 4 pickup tones on Precision Bass instruments.
  2. T2-Switch gives you 6 pickup tones on instruments with two pickups.
  3. T2Plus-Switch gives you 6 pickup tones on instruments with 4-wire humbucker pickups. Two of these switches (combined with other parts) will give you 102 pickup tones, several of which are QuadraBucker(tm) pickup tones.
  4. T3-Switch gives you 13 pickup tones on instruments with three pickups.
  5. T3PJ-Switch gives you 22 pickup tones on instruments with PJ pickups.
  6. T3Plus-Switch gives you 35 pickup tones on instruments with three pickups.
  7. T4-Switch gives you 68 pickup tones on instrument with HH or HSS pickups.
  8. T4Plus-Switch gives you 102 pickup tones on instrument with HH or HSS pickups.

2018-12-12: Product Release: Our PRO upgrade products now include a Treble Bleed circuit. This feature is designed to keep your treble brilliant when you dial back the volume control. When you dial back a standard volume control, it loses treble and sounds dull. The benefit of this feature lets you dial back the volume control and still sound incredible! We use high quality polypropylene tone control capacitors (with a superior linear frequency response) to give you unequaled versatility and performance from your upgraded guitars.

2018-04-16: Product Release: Our Stratocaster and Telecaster upgrades now include a PCB-based Volume-Tone control that includes our special Treble Bleed circuit to give you "American Professional Stratocaster/Telecaster" performance from your upgraded guitars.

2017-06-11: Product Release: Our Brian May Red Special, BMG Special and Burns upgrades are now available. They give you 35 useful pickup tones.

2016-12-01: News Release: We now offer a 30-Day Return Guarantee on all ALL our upgrade products. This means that You can use your incredible AweSome Upgrade for 30 days. If you don't agree this is the greatest product ever, return it for a refund — no questions asked.

2016-11-01: News Release: Our 4-wire Asymmetric humbucker pickup specifications have been completed. These pickups will produce a wider range of unique analog pickup tones when controlled with our T4-Switch product. See our FAQ page (item #27) for additional details.

2016-02-02: Product Release: our M1 Printed Circuit Board (M1-PCB) upgrade is a multi-purpose product designed to simplify electric guitar and bass wiring and reduce wiring mistakes. You can select which of three "personalities" it should take on, merely by cutting clearly marked traces on the M1 circuit board. For additional information about the M1-PCB, see product #160 on our Product page and document #14 on our Document Library page.

2013-04-01: Product Alert: Reports are coming in from customers that suggest some of those "hidden" pickup tones to which our upgrade products give you access appear to have a seductive and erotic-like effect on the women in the audience. See the white paper on our website [Media] page for more information about this new discovery.

2011-06-01: News Release: We have discontinued the production of our S3-Switch product, and now exclusively use our T3-Switch for instruments with three separate pickups (i.e., pickup coils.)