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ID: 004 — Telecaster Thinline SS Upgrade

Our AweSome products will exceed your desire for Quality, Usefulness and Value.

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Bare Upgrade Product

T2 Upgrade wiring

Product Description

This 3-ply White Upgrade for your standard Fender Telecaster Thinline guitar gives you 6 pickup tones.

This EZ-Install upgrade has everything you need.

Special Update: Select upgrades now include Treble Bleed circuitry plus high quality mylar tone control capacitors (with a superior linear frequency response) for unequaled versatility. These upgrades give you "American Pro Stratocaster" performance from your stock guitars.

Instruments That Can Be Upgraded

You can upgrade these Telecasters.   More... >

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Upgrade Options

Which option do you want?

To Install This Upgrade

  1. You connect your pickup wires to the green solderless terminal strip (see picture)
  2. You connect your output jack wires to the marked wires on this product
  3. You re-attach the upgrade and start exploring the 6 pickup tones now available to you.

Using This Upgrade

This upgrade uses our T2-Switch.   More... >

How It Works

Using our T2-Switch, you can

  1. Turn the Bridge pickup On,
  2. Turn the Neck pickup On,
  3. Turn the Bridge AND Neck pickups On in Parallel connection and in Normal Phase
    (the above three pickup tones are what you get with the stock 3-way blade switch.)

    (the below three pickup tones are ones that you cannot get with your stock instrument.)

  4. Turn the Bridge AND Neck pickups On in Parallel connection and in Reverse Phase
    (gives you a glass-shattering country twang tone you can't get with the stock instrument.)

  5. So with Switch SW5 in the Down position, you get the four pickup tones described above. You can turn on the Bridge pickup by itself, the Neck pickup alone, both the Bridge and Neck pickup together (in normal phase), as well as the Bridge and Neck pickup together (in reverse phase).

    When you put Switch SW5 in the Up position, you get the following two additional pickup tones with both pickups connected in Series. This gives you a warmer and more humbucking Jazz tone, that you just cannot get with your stock instrument.

  6. When you turn on both the Bridge AND Neck pickups On in Series and in Normal Phase
    (gives you a Humbucker-like Jazz tone you can't get with the stock instrument.)

  7. With both the Bridge AND neck pickups On in Series connection and in Reverse Phase
    (gives you an intense country twang tone you can't get with the stock instrument.)

You get six pickup tones with this upgrade.   < Less

You can hear the difference

This page has MP3 audio clips to let you hear the result our T2-Switch upgrade offers you.

What You Get

Select one of these options:

Special Notes:

  1. On some asian models, you may need to redrill mounting holes, remove pickguard material or body cavity material. Purchasing this Upgrade means that you are OK with, and accept that possibility.
  2. Custom upgrade does not include Treble Bleed
    PRO upgrade includes our Professional Treble Bleed

Tools Needed

You need the following tools (not supplied with purchase).

30-Day Return Policy

We accepts all returns. You get a 30-Day Return Guarantee on all ALL your upgrade products. You can use your Upgrade for 30 days. If you don't agree this is the greatest product ever, return it for a refund — no questions asked. Buyer receives full refund in their original payment method.

Choices For You

Our "PRO" upgrades include our professional treble bleed circuit and a 1-year limited warranty (see our website FAQ for warranty details.)

Buy This Upgrade

Because you get a 30-day Return guarantee, you can buy this upgrade with confidence. You have nothing to lose except your lack of creativity.

(ID: 004ap) Telecaster Thinline SS White Upgrade,
T2-Switch, VT-2 Volume-Tone control, gives you 6 pickup tones.

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Shipping Details

Shipping: All products are shipped via United States Postal Service. Allow 7-10 days for delivery.
Details: Shipping generally occurs within three business days of payment.
Saturday, Sunday and postal holidays are not business days.

Other Information

Ask questions before purchasing. Purchaser assumes all risk of liability with respect to the installation and use of these products.

This switching system cannot be directly used with active (battery-powered) pickups or pizeo pickups.