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ID: 120 — T2P Precision Bass Upgrade

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Assembled T2P-Switch

T2P-Switch Wiring

Product Description

This assembled and tested T2P-Switch upgrade gives you 4 Pure Analog pickup tones on any standard Precision Bass instrument with two offset pickup coils. This is a do-it-yourself project that includes everything you need to install this upgrade into your Precision Bass or equivalent instrument.

This product contains two mini switches. One of the switches let you put both pickup coils in normal phase or reverse phase. The second switch lets you select whether the two pickup coils will be in a parallel or series circuit. Putting pickup coils in a series circuit lets you create a humbucker heavy-metal pickup tone. To connect your pickup and output jack wires to this product, no soldering is needed.

You should know that your existing volume-tone control may require rewiring.

To Install This Upgrade

Simple pickup rewiring is needed with this upgrade. You will cut the wire that connects the two "P" coils and attach extra wire (supplied) using the included solderless terminal connectors. This separates the "P" pickup into two separate pickup coils. Use an ohmmeter to confirm that the wires connected to the pickups read continuity. Once rewiring is completed,

  1. You connect your pickup wires to the green solderless terminal strip
  2. You connect your output jack wires to the marked wires on this product
  3. You mount the upgrade and start exploring all the pickup tones now available to you.

Instruments That Can Be Upgraded

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Using This Upgrade

This upgrade uses our T2P-Switch.   More... >

How The T2P-Switch Works

The T2P-Switch contains two mini-toggle switches (from rear-to-front): (SW5, SW3)

These switches are used to control the Bridge (coil-1) pickup, and the Middle (coil-2) pickup coils.

SW5 is an ON-ON switch used to put the two pickup coils in either a Parallel connection or Series Connection. Down is Parallel, and Up is Series.

SW3 is an ON-ON switch used to change the phasing of the two pickup coils (i.e., coil-1 and coil-2). Down puts the coils in normal-phase and Up position puts the pickup in reverse-phase.

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What You Get

Tools You Need

You need the following tools (not supplied with purchase).

30-Day Return Policy

We accepts all returns. You get a 30-Day Return Guarantee on all ALL your upgrade products. You can use your Upgrade for 30 days. If you don't agree this is the greatest product ever, return it for a refund — no questions asked. Buyer receives full refund in their original payment method (see our website FAQ for warranty details.)

Buy This Upgrade

Because you get a 30-day Return guarantee, you can buy this upgrade with confidence. You have nothing to lose except your lack of creativity.

(ID: 120ap) T2P-Switch for Precision Bass
gives you 4 unique pickup tones

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Other Information

Notes: Ask questions before purchasing. Purchaser assumes all risk of liability with respect to the installation and use of these products.

This switching system cannot be directly used with active (battery-powered) pickups or pizeo pickups.