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ID: 223 — JB Import Upgrade With Treble Bleed and Greasebucket

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JB Upgrade

JB Upgrade

Connecting Wires

Product Description

ID: 223JB Import Upgrade With Treble Bleed and Greasebucket

Are you unhappy that your Jazz Bass does not have either Treble Bleed or Greasebucket as "standard" circuitry?
Good News! Our simple JB Import Upgrade works with any Jazz Bass. You simply "drop it in" to enjoy both Treble Bleed and Greasebucket performance that never came with your instrument.

What Is Treble Bleed?

When the volume control on your guitar or bass is turned up to 10, your tone isn't the same as when you roll the volume back to 5 or less. When you rotate your electric guitar or bass volume control counterclockwise towards zero, you lose both volume and high end brilliance. This means your treble becomes muddier and bassier. This is a common problem.

Our JB-TBGB Upgrade has a high-quality mylar capacitor with a resistor in parallel and a resistor in series to fix this problem. It lets the highs "bleed" through the volume control even as it is turned down to let a fuller and more "brilliant" tone pass through at all volume levels. Because we use Fender specifications, we are the only ones that offer you True Fender "American Professional" treble bleed performance.

What Is Grease Bucket?

A regular tone circuit in a Jazz Bass has a potentiometer with .022uF capacitor. As the tone is rolled off, bass frequency is increased.

A Greasebucket tone circuit also has a potentiometer with .022uF capacitor, but it includes an additional resistor and capacitor. Rolling off tone with the Greasebucket tone circuit, bass frequency isn't increased.

Fender says: "The Greasebucket tone circuit adds a new dimension to your tone. When rolled down, the tone pot reduces the high frequencies, but does not add bass." The Greasebucket tone circuit keeps the bass frequency "flat". As the tone is rolled off, bass boom isn't added, making the tone control more usable. It stops your tone from getting muddy.

Many pro guitar players use Greasebucket to eliminate muddiness in a distorted sound.

What You Get

Here is what your JB Import Upgrade has.

Tools Needed

You may need one or more of the following tools (not included with purchase) to install this upgrade.

The extra pictures show how easy it is to connect the wires.

Closing Notes

Our upgrade mirrors Fender specifications, no adjustment is needed. Just "drop it in" and capture its benefits.

Quality U.S.A. Seller Gives You Fast Shipping!

30-Day Return Policy

We accepts all returns. You get a 30-Day Return Guarantee on all ALL your upgrade products. You can use your Upgrade for 30 days. If you don't agree this is the greatest product ever, return it for a refund — no questions asked. Buyer receives full refund in their original payment method (see our website FAQ for warranty details.)

Buy This Upgrade

Because you get a 30-day Return guarantee, you can buy this upgrade with confidence. End your wiring and soldering frustration with this product. You have nothing to lose except your grief.

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Other Information

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This switching system cannot be used with active (battery-powered) pickups or pizeo pickups.