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Customer Comments

  • I have 2 of your upgrade pickguards now and love them. I have an HH and an SSS pickguard upgrade. I have mismatched lace sensor humbuckers in the HH model and lace sensors pickups in the SSS model. They have really woken up those pickups. The versatility of your upgrades is beyond ridiculous. Love your products. — Keith Jaycox (MO)  

  • My first experience with Awesome-Guitars was with the switching system for Fender's Squier Paranormal Series Cyclone. It's a fun little guitar to begin with, but I found the bridge single-coil pickup to be too "spanky" for my taste. I replaced the bridge pickup with a Seymour Duncan Humbucker JR and a push/pull tone pot to go from humbucker to single coil. Then I found Awesomes's switching system and installed that. The Cyclone certainly lives up to it's name now, producing a tropical storm of startling tones. — Mark Duhamel (WA)

  • Your Nashville Tele upgrade is incredible. I have found a totally brilliant sound with this new pickup and your switch - I have never had a guitar make a sound like it. Sounds like Wilco Johnson. — Julian Welsh (UK)

  • First experience with this bridge Asymmetric humbucker (A-Bridge). This one is wound to be a little more bluesy. I like it a lot. I’m not a blues guy, but this one is warm without being overwhelming, and articulate with the tone knob. Installed and controlled with their T4-Switch, I can split, phase, and series this pickup, and I find that in series this pickup is beautiful, adds perfect low end.
    My second guitar has their neck Asymmetric humbucker (B-Neck). Great for all sorts of different music, but wound to be a little hotter. Great metal and hard rock tone, and super easy to install. (I installed it in a strat equipped with their T4-Switch.) Sounds cool, both coils sound great together but also amazing split. — Pat Ginty (TX)

  • Haven't installed this one yet (Strat HH upgrade), but this is my second purchase and there will be a third. This is by far my favorite accessory. Anyone one of these products if you have a Strat or a Strat build. It fully unlocks what your instrument can do and is super easy to wire up because it comes with easy instructions and a great website. Literally my favorite element of my Strat builds. Side note: I have also purchased a loaded version of this, and HIGHLY recommend their pickups. BUY ONE, you will not be disappointed! — Pat Ginty (TX)


  • This Deluxe Nashville Telecaster upgrade is an amazing idea. High quality, easy to install. Loving the 35 pickup tones it offers. — Andrew Wolf (MN)


  • I just wanted to say thank you for this product. I recently upgrade a BC Rich Warlock with the triple shot p rails. Love the idea of being able to switch from either coil to them being in series or parallel. Lots of tonal options. You have taken those tone options much further with being able to change the phase plus a few other added features. Those pickups are ridiculous sounding. Slightly more power and better tone than the p rails. What a great product. (he refers to our HH Stratocaster with our Asymmetric humbucker pickups with 102 pickup tones). — Keith Jaycox (MO)


  • I'm really happy with the T3plus switch in the Nashville Telecaster upgrade that I installed! Very impressed and blown away by the awesome tones. Thanks Awesome-Guitars. — John MacFarlane (CA)


  • Love your Squier Paranormal Cyclone upgrade. It is so fun to play. Thank you. — David Barron (NY)


  • What an awesome product you have sold me! You have made me love my Nashville Tele more than I thought possible! I've been telling my friends like I've just found the Lord ... or something! Do you sell t-shirts? LOL Seriously, thanks a bunch! Only thing I don’t like now is trying to decide which combination to use for any given song! — William Simcox (VA)


  • You’ve done it !!!! These Asymmetric Pups are absolute killers. Besides having an output almost as high as a powered pickup, there is a richness and variety of tone the like of which I have never heard before! Controlling them with your T4Plus-Switch and VT-3 Push-Pull Volume-Tone control, the range of 102 pickup tones is amazing. Combined with the amplification and deep editing courtesy of my Blackstar studio amp, one can mimic the tones of just about anything on the planet – pure genius. The instrument I used for the trial was a cheap but very solid unit – and it has now been elevated to status maximus in my collection. — Graham Mann (Australia)


  • I love the Loaded Fender Stratocaster HSH White Upgrade I bought last week! I just ordered a Black one too! This is a great system with so many tone options. — Aaron Horiuchi (CO)


  • Your Asymmetric Humbucker Pickups sound fantastic; in series or parallel or out of phase humbucking mode, warm and sweet, yet also powerful and meaty. They're so powerful that in series humbucking mode both the neck and bridge are making my Floyd-equipped super Strat sound like a Les Paul, in the best possible way. They even clean up nicely with the volume pot, something not all humbuckers do. — Djerek Kayzakian-Rowe (CO)


  • My third rig (Deluxe Nashville Telecaster Upgrade) truly amazing makes life easy. Easy install is a breeze, quiet and easy to use, would highly recommend. — John Orear (MI)


  • These people makes kickass products that bring the best out in any guitar! Highly recommended! — William Fitzgerald (NJ)


  • This Nashville Telecaster is my second install and is The Amazing Tone Monster! — Nathan Cohen (MA)


  • This [Rickenbacker 370 3-pickup guitar] was built out of 70 year old reclaimed maple. I used all Rickenbacker wiring and Rickenbacker hi gain pickups that had a lot of excessive hum, shielding didn’t seem to help. Luckily I was familiar with your products because I have them installed on a Nashville tele, Stratocaster, two more Telecasters with mixed pickups (humbuckers and single coils) with just great results so the logical step was fix the The Rickenbacker and that is want your wiring system did. Plus adding a lot of tone From Rickenbacker chime to even more chime to humbucker tones and a whole lot of in between tones. What an unbelievable difference. Thank you once again. — John Orear (MI)


  • The S3 Rickenbacker Pro Upgrade I bought for my 370/12 has transformed it into a veritable tone monster!! I just finished noodling on it, for 2 hour!!! getting up early tomorrow to further explore it again Your installation/instruction guide is great, had no problems with the conversion process!! — Charles Broyard (FL)


  • THIS IS AN AMAZING PRODUCT- long overdue! I have been playing Rickenbackers for 40 years. I have used every stomp box out there, like many Rick players, I have learned many of the "tricks" to EQ a Rick and get the sound 'dialed in.' THIS WILL TAKE YOUR RICKENBACKER'S TONE TO THE NEXT LEVEL. Thanks for an excellent product and such fast shipping. — Alex McFarland (NC)


  • Great design very simple installation (for his Player Telecaster HH upgrade giving him 68 pickup tones). I'm enjoying the multiple settings and it's obvious why they are proud of their products. I've been playing for days and am still discovering different pickup/amp configurations. — Steven Mumma (CA)


  • Here is the STRAT conversion from my purchase a few week's back. I have 100+ guitars, nothing close (maybe Spectrum 5) in range of tonality. This loaded HSH Stratocaster upgrade Makes u the master of tone:-) — Nathan Cohen (MA)


  • You guys do great work. Lots of help, instructions and tips on your website. I just wanted to leave some positive feedback. I recently purchased the T3plus-Switch and it works better than expected. Took about 8 hours to make a new pickguard and install. But it was well worth it. I particularly like the foam block for placement and the drill guide. Package had everything I needed for an easy installation. Thank you and keep it up. — Richard Meeds (CT)


  • Just finished my guitar project. It turned out really great. It is amazing the amount of super tones available. — Chuck Jonkey (CA)


  • I received my new awesome super deluxe upgrade today (he refers to his White HSS Strat Loaded upgrade with T4Plus-Switch and VT-3). I have wired numerous guitars and built six or seven of my own with different wiring combinations, capacitors, etc., and I must say you have figured it out. This upgrade is virtually noiseless and has as many pickup tones as one could wish for (i.e., it gives him 102 unique passive pickup tones). I also have your T3Plus-Switch I put into a Nashville telecaster I built and I am equally as pleased and amazed with that as I am with this new rig. This new upgrade is the only ceramic pickup guitar I have so I wasn’t sure I would like it at first, but after taking it for a serious test drive I'm very pleased. Thank you so much! — John O'Rear (FL)


  • I just wanted to say thank you. This arrived 3 days early. I always wanted something like this. Your upgrade just made this the Strat of my dreams. I will recommend your products to all my guitarist friends. — Joe Griffin (VA)


  • Your package (Stratocaster HSH + M1-Switch) will be a breeze because it saves me money and gives me more options. I couldn't fit enough wire in the guitar to get it to do what your upgrades are capable of. Never mind trying to get everything back in the cavity without breaking soldier joints or grounding out. Beautiful. I know its going to be awesome. — Chris Goldner (FL)


  • Love your M1-PCB - it speeds up wiring for the "Jimmy Page mod" tremendously. I have both a grandson and a nephew I'm teaching guitar wiring and the M1-PCB are a big help. The instructions (all of them) are especially good for them. By using the M1, I can help them learn wiring single coil pickups and how looking at a humbucker not just as a single pup but as two single coils to increase the possibilities one can achieve. I've directed them to cruise your site and read all they can. — Charlie Newman (AR)


  • This (T3Plus) Switch is amazing and Absolutely beautiful! Very high quality components. Shipping was super fast. Easy to install. Works great. — Mark Ellis (CA)


  • I am enjoying the glory of this brilliant (SSS Stratocaster) upgrade. You're a legend, thank you so much! — Larry Hillard (NJ)


  • I am SO pleased with the upgrade on my Nashville Tele. The standard 5-way blade switch is an 8-pack of Crayolas when compared to your upgrade which is the 98-pack with built in sharpener. I now have colors I didn't even know I wanted. Do I need EACH of the additional tones? No, of course not; but there are many new tones which, now that I have heard them, I cannot live without. The next time I buy a guitar, your products will be that guitar's first upgrade! Thank you for answering my questions so darn thoroughly! — Branden Garner (MI)


  • Absolutely incredible! I don't think I'll be able to ever go back to a blade switch! I have 4 telecasters each with different pickup variations, my other 3 are getting your switching system for sure! — Isaiah Smith (GA)


  • I am very glad I discovered your pickguards! I have been using it in my guitar for about 5 years now. People keep asking what the switches do. The guitar is featured in this music video ( by a famous Russian band. Thank you a lot for such an awesome invention. I call my guitar the "Swiss Army Strat". — Dimitri Vishnepolsky (Russia)


  • After installing this upgrade in my Stratocaster, I stayed up all night playing it. — Alvin Sears (WA)


  • This one upgraded guitar gives me the tonality range of a few dozen guitars. This is great because I only have to take one or two guitars to a session, instead of several cases of instruments. — George Ward (NJ)


  • Easy install, and simply fun mod for a Nashville Telecaster. Highly recommended if you want to get unique sounds. — Andrew Currie (MD)


  • I have installed your T4 on my Baritone, and have been so impressed with it that I bought a T3Plus for my Nashville Tele at the same time I bought the guitar. I have swapped out pickups before, I am a fan of TV Jones, but your upgrade product took my Power'Tron to the next level on my Baritone. After installing the T3Plus on the Nashville I was able to play everything from sludge metal to reverbed out spaghetti western stuff with the same guitar. I am still discovering new settings. — Branden Garner (MI)


  • You are getting positive exposure from my upgraded working Strat. The ability it now gives me – combined with amp pre settings – gives me an unlimited combination of tones & sounds! I sit for hours enjoying and exploring them all! By the way, your customer service is second to none! Feel free to use me as a reference if you like. Thanks again! — Bob Walsh (MD)


  • Your system is THE major milestone in Guitar development, but the general "playerati" just don't seems to get it. — Graham Mann (Australia)


  • You are my "go to" source, making my mexi/korean fenders sound better than my Americans. Top notch products. The new treble bleed circuit is nice. — Joseph Weslowski (MD)


  • Nice Product (T3Plus-Switch), clear instructions, sturdy packaging. I'm Impressed! — Pierre Rocca (Italy)


  • Very impressed with the company, the immediate support as well as the (standard Tele upgrade) product. — Ron Patterson (TX)


  • Nice (Nashville Tele upgrade) product. Great options and sounds. — Brian Torrens (Canada)


  • The (Stratocaster) pickguard assembly arrived yesterday. The install took maybe 20 minutes to complete. I delivers seven absolutely hum-free, noise-free, options, which sure beats the two I had before. To say the instrument has a much wider tonal palette is a gross understatement. I want to get another one. — Steven Stone (CO), [Contributor to Vintage Guitar, The Absolute Sound,,, Hi-Fi Plus, and other fine publications.]


  • [Repeat Customer] I am VERY impressed with your products. Consistently one of my favorite products to upgrade my guitars... tons of sounds you never thought possible are unleashed! As you can tell based on my multiple purchases (of seven separate upgrades), I feel I am invested in your products that will help my musical creativity for years to come. They are pretty affordable, easy to install, and most importantly make my guitars sound BEAUTIFUL. It's a lot of fun mixing different pickups to get the sounds I've always dreamed of getting. FANTASTIC PRODUCTS! A+ The customer service is also FANTASTIC and helped with all my questions! — Joe Weso (MD)


  • I finished the T3Plus switch installation on the Steinberger clone guitar ... I'm really impressed by the wide array of tones available from a standard, three pickup/two wires installation. I love the series settings, which sound powerful and rich. A definite addition to my studio arsenal now, this switching system gives me what I need and more from one standard, three pickup guitar. — Will Kelly; Author, Player, Guitar Technician (NC)


  • Best upgrades you can get. They are intergalactic spaceships among hot air balloons. — Bo Martin (NYC)


  • [Repeat Customer] The T4 on this particular instrument produces some real "out there" tones, certainly not what you would normally expect from a Strat-style machine. — Graham Mann (Australia).


  • Regarding your Brian May Red Special / BMG Special upgrade: It just dropped in with no soldering and almost no rewiring needed. The performance of my Red Special guitar after the upgrade is incredible. I don't have to swap guitars to get the sound I want. This single upgraded guitar now has all the sounds I need. Haven't needed to touch my Les Paul or Strat for over a month. — Don Calvert (UK)


  • Regarding your Nashville Tele Upgrade installed on my Blacktop Tele: Love this thing! Does everything you want it to do. — David Sherry (FL)


  • I finally fitted Your T2-Switch upgrade into my custom made Telecaster. Because it now has the best of everything possible fitted to this guitar, I cannot imagine it without your upgrade. Underneath the custom plate lies the best switch system I have ever heard, simply astounding. My guitar tech did not return it till 4 weeks after its completion as every musician around wanted to see and play it. Thanks for completing this guitar with the best possible switching system out there. Your T2-Switch product is extraordinary. — Michael Pavlic (Australia)


  • This T3Plus-Switch gives you the possibility of playing several guitar in one. The timbristic variety obtained with the system in series, parallel and with inverted phases makes the T3Plus an essential element in the sound of any professional musician who wants to improve his guitar tone. — Maycown Reichembach (Argentina),


  • I was so impressed with my last order I had to reinvest in three more of your products! — Joe Wesolowski (MD)


  • Fantastic upgrade. Many great sounds. Just beginning to explore and loving it. Many thanks. — Michael Iadonisi (NH)


  • I am using your products in 2 of my main telecasters, and absolutely love the versatility. I played about 170 gigs last year. The majority were with both my teles outfitted with your upgrade switches. I am able to get anything I possibly need out of them; from a Les Paul Custom, to an vintage Tele, to a Tele Custom, to a Strat, to big jazz box sounds – its quite extraordinary. I promote your upgrade products every time I show off my new axe, and tell people where to go to get them. — Justin Wierenga (MI)


  • I am loving it, especially the tin-can 60's clangy sounds that you can't get anywhere else: I'm currently planning to use it on some recordings and will let you know when I have. For me its currently more of a recording tool than a live tool, but I may end up using it live too. — Bernie Torme (UK),
    [ guitar player for Ozzie Osborne, Gillan, Desparado, Guy McCoy Torme ]
    We proposed creating a "Bernie Torme" Signature Series Upgrade to help fund his retirement. With no reply to follow up emails, we assumed that he lost interest. We learned that Bernie Torme died. Perhaps another notable Strat player is interested in this offer?


  • Holy Crap!   This is like putting my guitar on Viagra! — name of A-list guitar player withheld by request

  • You have designed a master switching mixer inside of a guitar! The combinations seem endless (and) is great for a recording situation for me — definitely a big advantage to get any sound possible out of the guitar as a recording tool. If you think your 2 or 3 pickup guitar gets all the sounds you want, check out these Pickup Switch products, OMG it's endless. A recording sound getter's dream! I'm sure lovin' mine for recording. — Redd Volkaert (TX),
    [ guitar player for Merle Haggard, and 2009 Grammy Winner for Best Instrumental ]


  • wow! incredible amount of tones! (on my Strat) A bit mind-boggling. I tend to love the strange tones I could never get before, but even the normal tones seemed much better, especially the in-between pickup sounds. I'm so happy to have this! It opens up a lot of doors to sounds I've always wanted to put on records. (and I will!) thank you so much. — Adrian Belew (TN),
    [ guitar player for Frank Zappa, David Bowie, King Crimson, Talking Heads, Caifanes, Tom Tom Club, David Byrne, Laurie Anderson, The Bears, Tori Amos, Nine Inch Nails, Kevin Max, Porcupine Tree, Jean Michel Jarre ]


  • After installing this upgrade in my Stratocaster, I stayed up all night playing it. — Alvin Sears (WA)


  • I picked up my Strat from my guitar tech last night with the newly installed Awesome Pick Up Upgrade. Only one word fits the description- Awesome!! I love the choices and varieties of tones and look forward to experimenting to find the ones that suit my style best. I will reach out and recommend it to every guitar nut I know! — Charles Waldman (TN)


  • I finished installing the switch upgrade in my Fender HSS, last night. WOW !!!!!! It sounds amazing, thank you for an incredible product. — Jose Amaro (MI)


  • This upgrade gives me just about any sound I want in a guitar and I intend to continue using it from now on. Very versatile and easy-to-use. I could not be more satisfied. — name withheld by request (Australia)


  • I bought a Samick/Bennett 3 pickup Tele [1 HB 2 SC], on eBay, with your switches already installed. It's how I found out about your products. The tone range is amazing; total Tele/Strat evil offspring — Tomas Jones (U.S.)


  • Regarding my upgraded Modern Player Marauder Guitar: It is simply EXCELLENT !!!!! an extension of my own ideas. I love the perfect layout order of the six switches. Now I have to dump my Jazzmaster - original Fender series: no further need for my first guitar. — Robert Jones (KS) audio engineer and composer


  • I put your T2-Switch upgrade in my Telecaster and it's outperforming another Tele with Area-T pickups. I'm now getting some pretty "bitching" sounds I never knew existed. It's easy to use and it's giving me interesting and usable sounds with a definite twist. — Duffy Kane (VA),


  • I've been thinking about buying one of your T3Plus switches for months, and I'm so glad I finally did. Thick classic rock, cutting modern rock, awesome country twang, cool funk tones, post-punk growl, it's almost absurd how many unique tones you get from this switch and a set of single-coil pickups. I'll never put a 5-way on a guitar again! Much easier to learn and to use in a band setting than I expected, too. Thanks for a great product! — John Blume (TX)


  • Can't put this guitar down, definitely different. I like it. AAAAA Thanks — Stan Jones (AZ)


  • This upgraded SSS Stratocaster sounds great! REALLY amazed at the possibilities soundwise. I like that I can use it without reservations. I feel it has expanded my musical expressions. THANKS! — Mark Mosley Jazz Guitarist (DC),


  • I love your HSH Stratocaster upgrade product! It is opening many doors! I am so impressed with it that I am considering one of your upgrades for a Les Paul. — Joseph Pinkerton (OH)


  • I recently installed your Jazz Bass upgrade. I couldn't be happier with the tones I'm getting. I'm an old man who builds basses in my retirement years. I look forward to purchasing many more of your "awesome" upgrades in the near future. — Duke Osborne (TX)


  • And are you kidding me? EVERYBODY asks me where I got this from! I've printed up copies of the business card you sent with the original 35 tone Tele control plate and have given it out to everyone! I put the 35 Tone control plate on my Greg Bennett Fairlane Telecaster and ever since, my playing style has EXPLODED ONE HUNDRED FOLD!!! You guys have given me the breath of "Fresh Air" I've been looking for, for years!!! YOU GUY'S ROCK!!! I'm going to go and look for your FaceBook page right now, and share it with everybody! Thank you so very much!!! — Kurt Kazinski (NY)


  • [Repeat Customer] As for the TCP-T3Plus on the G&L Will Ray with three zcoils... oh my goodness... the honk I've been looking for... whoa to cool great improvement... very cool xtra tones... well worth the money. my my my. I really like what these upgrades do. Some of the switches change the sound of the guitar so much its like a completely different guitar. It's a top quality unit well worth it. You will hear from me again thank. I am happy. — Richard Bergen (CO)


  • WOW! This T3Plus upgrade is awesome! I had no idea so many different tones were hidden inside my Nashville Telecaster. I will be buying the T4 for my HH configured Telecaster to reveal the numerous tones in it! I will be buying again and "rocking" my part of the South with NEW TONES from Awesome-Guitars. — Bruce Baker (GA)


  • I am in awe! This switch assembly is fantastic. I'm thinking I might just do all my personal guitars with one. You were right! It is AweSome! — Merlin Sharp, disabled/retired vet (KS)


  • (You are) making the ordinary, extraordinary. Just finished installing my T3Plus (Strat upgrade). Love it. Thanks for a great product — Michael Gale (CA)


  • I have one of your mods on the telecaster that I built; and it is awesome; love the tones you can get from it. — S. Heady (TX)


  • My upgraded guitar is now the best sounding guitar I've ever owned. It has so much more to offer; country, metal, blues - it's incredible. This is not a useless "gimmick". Every pickup tone is useful. My guitar buddies are drooling over these "super-twang" country tones that nobody else has. I'm getting more session work because of these ultra-twangy tones. All my other guitars will be getting these amazing upgrades. — Mike Seager (Nashville TN)


  • Amazing product (SSS Strat Upgrade)! Easy installation, and a whole lot of new sounds. Get one!! — D. Vishnepolsky (NY)


  • This makes sense ... Thanks again and may God Bless AweSome Guitars and the genius superstars they create! — Dallas Barr (MI),


  • [Repeat Customer] I now find the three available tone selections on my stock instrument are very limiting after installing your upgrade. I still have the stock three sounds but the extra three sounds produced are distinct and useful. I love the setting that gives you both pickups in series (and in-phase). The result is a very strong but beautifully rounded jazz-like tone, something you can't get out of a stock Telecaster. Hearing those additional two new intense and out-of-phase country twang tones (in both series and parallel version) gave me goosebumps. These glass-shattering tones will punch out windows at 30 paces. Skimming through the documents that I downloaded showcases the awesome level of detail provided, certainly far more extensive than any other products that I have seen. Very well done! — Graham Mann (Australia).


  • [Reviewer Comments] I installed your Telecaster upgrade product and it went together extremely quickly. I plugged the guitar in and started hitting switches. All I can say is "wow"! I was overwhelmed from the start about what to use. There are so many tone combinations I was amazed, From dark thick Humbucker to extreme single coil thin.

    If you have a gig or recording session you now only need bring one guitar or maybe a couple of you favorites and this. I can honestly say this might become an indispensable guitar in my playing out collection. If your going to play with another guitarist you now have thirty-five tones to compliment the other player.

    I can see where this unit is going to be more and more practical. There are so many situations gigging out that this guitar is now going to be a blessing. Playing out the wattage you using and/or dynamics of a room can destroy the wonderful tones you had at band practice. Now you have a quick solution. This is like an artist finding thirty-five more colors of paint to work with.

    Here is the truth from my experience — I have bought tone multiplers from and others I cannot remember right now. I was never satisfied with the tones. When I was contacted by I was thinking "yeah sure, another product that almost works". I have been totally blown away with what this product does. It "Really" works. Their quote is "Our products are the Swiss Army Knife of pickup tones." I am totally in agreement with this analogy.

    The other great experience is their exceptional customer service. Any questions I came up with I would E-mail them. Within a day I had E-mails back. These people have figured out how important you are and want more of your business. Also in this business, word of mouth can make or break you in a very short time. I think they are very aware of this and don't want to go there.

    Update: After having a couple weeks to play around with this unit I have found more tones than I was expecting. Every time I sit down just to screw around I end up playing for a couple hours. I was playing Brad Paisley licks that I had no idea were in my repertoire. All of a sudden I had his tone. That is how good this unit has been behaving. There is honestly a different tone with each positions of the switches. Not a slight twist on the last tone. Literally a different tone.

    This is unlike any other product I have tried. Even the famous Gibson "Varitone" rotary I have on my Gibson ES-345 (actually Paul Rivera added two Varitones). Still, they cannot touch what this unit can make happen with your guitar.

    Bottom Line: At the prices Awesome Guitars is asking for these units compared to what these upgrade products can do, it is a total win situation for you. This is money well spent. — S.C.,


  • [Reviewer Comments] I installed your SSS Stratocaster upgrade and have experimented with all the (35) different settings. I really like the product! It's the perfect upgrade for any Stratocaster guitar and very simple to install. The instructions were well written and easy to follow. I definitely feel you have a winning product, and I'd be glad to help you promote it in any way I can. — Curt Granger; Granger Amplification (AL),


  • I installed a pre-wired T3Plus Strat pickguard last night and wanted to give a little feedback. First, it was quick and easy to do just as promised. Second, it gives a great variety of usable tones as promised. I've owned Brian May guitars in the past so I'm familiar with what can be done with series wiring and phase reversal. Lastly, you should reconsider shipping Strat kits (for 3 single coils) with 250K volume pots because they are the standard that almost everyone goes by. I used Dimarzio Area pickups with the T3Plus pickguard and that's even the value that the manufacturer recommends. — M. Boynton (IL)
    (customer was referred to our FAQ page for the valid reasons why we use 500K potentiometers)


  • Amazing tones from this switch! Love it! — Jon Blume (TX)


  • Several months ago I bought your upgrade for my Strat HSS. I loved the sound but within a short period of time I noticed that every time I contacted the pick guard while strumming I got this horribly loud static noise. I tried everything I could think of to eliminate the problem including disconnecting the pickups themselves but I still got the noise if I plugged the system in and rubbed the pick guard. After talking to you guys I sent it back and you returned another one saying you could not duplicate the problem in your lab. After installing the replacement part I played it for about a month and suddenly the problem reappeared. I then googled the problem and found the answer which I wanted to share in case you ever have anyone else complaining about this problem. It was nothing more than static build up in the pick guard. I was told I could sand the backside of the guard, scuff it with scotchbrite, or rub it with an anti-static clothes dryer sheet. I tried the dryer sheet and it solved the problem instantly. Maybe its just exacerbated by the fact that I live in dry, windy, New Mexico. You guys might already be aware of this problem with many guitars that use flat bodies and flat plastic pick guards but just in case, I wanted to let you know that the problem is apparently NOT uncommon and it is now solved. I love the sound. Thanks. — Dale Jones (NM)


  • [Repeat Customer] I put together a Strat using the pickguard I bought from you, and it is — pardon the choice of words — awesome. One of my guitar buddies came over the other day. He started playing the Strat with the upgrade pickguard I bought from you and for about an hour I couldn't communicate with him because he kept going through all the pickup switch tone combinations. A most amusing moment in human behavior. Also, I have a computer with Native Instruments Guitar Rig on it, and they have some presets that resemble the tones of famous artists, like Brian May. As I went through the various combinations (that your T3Plus-Switch product offers), I heard about 90% of his career. This is not to mention tones reminiscent of Mark Knopfler, Jimi Hendrix, the list goes on... and everything just sounds awesome! I've since bought one of those Tele control plates you've got for a 3-pickup Tele, and I can't wait to get that project going. I'm with you 100% on the Hammond drawbar analogy. There are so many tones to be found in this upgraded guitar. — M. Bennett (IL)


  • This is the BEST guitar product I have seen in the past 40 years. Shipped FAST!! — Dr. Thomas D. Thuirer (MO)


  • I have installed hundreds of pickups with various custom wiring setups over the years, and I can honestly say that there are a few incredible tones that one can only get by using your product. I know a lot of people who would pay much more for your product just to get these specific tones. This is especially true on the neck pickup. The tones are simply amazing. I had to record some tracks this week and. I needed a perfect sound. After trying a number of my favorite, "go-to" guitars, but I couldn't get the sound. I used the SG that has your system it and the first setting I tried was perfect, as were a number of the other settings I tried. The more I use it, the more I like it. On stage it is good once you are familiar with switches. However, in the studio this system just cannot be beat. — Kevin Johnston (CA)


  • Great products! It's about time somebody did the work and got product like this on the market. — N. Smith (NV)


  • [Reviewer Comments] In all, 68 different variations can be unlocked — and this is before your analog or digital processing unit(s) get the chance to add even more flavoring to your output. — Paul Ridden (


  • Your products are how it's supposed to be. Your WELL thought out instructions and inclusion of everything needed to install your product are the best I've ever encountered. Thanks for everything. My new Strat's next. — J.B. (CA)


  • I am very interested in your product. I do a lot of installs and I am very tired of doing the "Jimmy Page" wiring and pulling my hair out each time. I appreciate you taking the time to explain your system to me. It will save me a ton of work. Thanks! — Kevin Johnston (CA)


  • Thanks for the prompt response. I really appreciate caring manufacturers. This alone makes the selection of Awesome products an easy choice. I purchased the T4-Switch kit and built a new Tele Thinline pickguard for easy switch out w/the original. It was a breeze to assemble and install. 5 stars for the whole process and with the great detailed and well thought out instructions the build took little time and effort. I also added the option of putting the 4-wire humbuckers in series with a mini-toggle, adding more tones at little cost. The resulting tones are FANTASTIC. My Strat is next. As a guitar player for some 40 years I highly recommend Awesome Guitar's upgrade products to everyone. The resulting vast array of tones will impress. — James B. (NC)


  • I agree, the "hidden" pickup tones — when combined with sentimental music — definitely has a seductive impact on the women in the audience. Your incredible upgrades have given me a secret weapon that lets me transform half the people in the audience into buying customers. — M. Morrison (MI)


  • [Reviewer Comments] ...this product (T4-Switch) does everything it is designed to do without fail. I was able to get 68 different pickup tones... Now with that said this was amazing for the studio — and I was able to get tones out of my guitar that I didn't think were possible. Where I found the T4-Switch to be the most practical outside of the studio — was as a luthier's or custom shop's tool. The T4-Switch is one of the most user friendly products to install I have seen that upgrades your pickup tone, and truly delivers results. The T4-Switch works exactly how it was designed to. If you are looking to get the most out of your pickups — this will do the trick. If you are a luthier I believe this is a must have tool to get the most out of your guitars. — Sean McCormick (


  • [Repeat Customer] My Quattro-4 prototype is a Stratocaster with 4 single-coil pickups with your T4-Switch and I experienced — Eureka! This set-up is what the T4-Switch was really meant for. This effectively extends the two humbucker system so that all output tones are quite different, along with the advantage of the inherent brightness of the single-coil pickups. This produces a suite of tones that would turn all Strat owners bright green with envy. The result is some of the most extraordinary sounds I have ever heard from a Strat-type instrument — including a much wider spread of really rich and useful tones when compared with a 3-pickup instrument using your T3Plus-Switch. You are correct in stating that having four separate pickups under different areas of the strings will add to the richness of the combined pickup tones because of all the discordant harmonics in different areas of the strings, when combined, produce what can only be described as "tone nirvana". This is the goods! — Graham Mann (Australia).


  • How perfect is this? Every possible sound from my favorite guitar. It already has the best neck and the best feel of all of them, and having this kind of sound versatility makes it the only one I take out of the rack! Your products are pure genius. This lets you Get Amazing Tones Without Changing Your Pickups. This is for all smart players who insist on quality sound. — George Ward (NJ) 


  • [Repeat Customer] Your T4-Switch has given me an unbelievable array of 68 mind boggling tones at my fingertips. Any of your T4-Switch equipped products is ideal for those looking to upgrade their HSS or HH style guitars into the future. The tones that can be achieved have the characteristics that resemble some of the great guitars of our time. Never has it been so simple to get Les paul, Stratocaster, Ibanez, and many other style sounds from a single guitar. On stage or in the studio the T4-Switch gives you the same freedom of owning all the great guitars past and present at a fraction of the cost, but by no means having a fraction of the tone. — Matt Roberts (UK), (


  • Your stuff makes sense to me and I'm just the drummer — Mike Smith (MI)


  • [Repeat Customer] The guitar arrived today and it is amazing as are all the products I have gotten from you. It is very versatile. I really am surprised that no company has picked up your products. I guess people are afraid of something new. It is a good experience to fool around with the toggles and see what happens! I am a seasoned player and have played a lot of guitars. Your products do indeed open up the realm of possibilities with an analog switching system. Once tried, they will not disappoint. — Steve (Brooklyn NY)


  • I'm indeed a satisfied customer. Seen your webpage and T4-Switch loaded Strat pickguard and bang I'm on my way to 68 analog tones, and its easy installation that didn't take a month of Sundays running voltage/ohm checks and cursing pesky push/pull pot and switch soldering woes. — Malcolm McShannon (IL)


  • Your products are incredible. They transform pawn shop pieces of junk into stellar instruments that produce a symphonic orchestra of pickup tones. I can't believe that Fender, Gibson and PRS aren't beating on your door to get an exclusive licensing contract. I have no doubt that the company that does get an exclusive is going to be the only company selling electric guitar and basses. A single instrument that offers you all pickup tones ever created is something that cannot be equaled. — Steven Vai (LA, CA) no relation to Steve Vai

  • I'm a guitar builder in Kingston. Just wanted to let you know how happy I am with your T4-Switch. I've fitted one of my recent archtops with it and boy, does it ever do the job. See a YouTube video of Dave Barton putting this guitar to work. See another guitarist, Brice Delage, jamming on the same guitar. — JP (Ontario Canada),


  • [Product Reviewer] and [Repeat Customer] comments on their Facebook page: "AWESOME-GUITARS is one of my favorite aftermarket musical product companies. Why? Because they have one of the most sophisticated and incredible products for the guitar that I've ever experienced. Awesome-Guitars has created incredible upgrades that can give your guitar or bass up 68 analog pickup tones. Yeah... 68 tones from one guitar. If you're a gigging musician and you're tired of dragging three axes to a show, well this is the ticket. I dropped one of these upgrades into one of my Stratocasters and it blew me away. The guitar is now my "Super Strat" and while I've got guitars that are vastly more valuable, this guitar can do almost anything. Poke around their site and give one of their products a try. Average price is around $149.00 and it will absolutely enhance your axe arsenal. Made in America and guaranteed to blow you away." — Chris A. (OH),


  • I am very pleased with a Starcaster I purchased from you last year with a T4-Switch upgrade. With some upgraded tuners and some neck work it feels and sounds great. My better half insisted on buying it for myself and it is a piece I will always treasure. My sweetie plays drums and we have a complete blast making music together. At 57 yrs old we have never had so much fun. — Lloyd L. (MI)


  • Got it (3 pickup Telecaster) all working! Wow! Fantastic. Love it. — Jerry Ehrlich The Brand Squad (TN)


  • Your upgrade (for my Strat SSS) is awesome (just like your company name). I put it together and my guitar never sounded like this before. I came across some fabulous sounds, you truly did a superb job. — Abel Khineche (CA)


  • [Product Reviewer] The TCP-T4 unit you sent me for my Telecaster with four pickup coils does so many things that I am still discovering new tones. I have not reached the end of what it can do. There might be the possibility of there is no end. No kidding. I also received the new Stratocaster upgrade this afternoon. Opened the box and WOW does it look sharp with the black pickguard. I was expecting a cheaper 1-ply pickguard but instead received a quality 3-ply pickguard. I thought all the switches would look a little too busy or tacky, but this really looks professional. About the only Stratocaster style guitar I have been able to make sound right is the one with your upgrades. Your products are still about the only interesting things going on in the guitar world. As you know I started the Crazy About Guitars web site because of the stagnation in the guitar world. I find what your company is doing as refreshing. I am fairly certain your company is the only one that is making any attempt to put a new and exciting product or products in the guitar community. I wish other manufacturers would take notice of your innovation and looking towards the future. I see nothing but smart products and good intentions from you and your people. — S.C.,


  • The T4 switch can give you 68 different tones ... (The) combination of pickups ... is a great alternative for guitar players using a single guitar to play a variety of musical styles. — Johnny Genocide (


  • Regarding your KIT-T3Plus switch upgrade, everything went great. The sound is awsome. I used it in a berringer modeling amp and had a great surprise because the guitar now keeps (re)inventing itself. We will do lots of business together. I also make cigar box guitars also I have one on the Tv show Justified. My next project is a Vintage Ibanez Iceman guitar. I am making a video to post online and share everything you can do with your products. — Carmen Riggs (FL)


  • [Repeat Customer] I installed the T3Plus-Switch using the instructions from your AweSome website. I used a cheap Washburn guitar for a test. I installed one set of 3 single coil Seymour Duncan pickups and with the T3Plus-Switch, the result was amazing! Now, it is not so cheap because with this one instrument I now have (the equivalent pickup tones of) twelve guitars, yes: 12! The T4-Switch I ordered is for a Jackson guitar. My best regards — Carlos Cameschi (Brazil)


  • [Repeat Customer] I was finally able to install the loaded pickguard into my guitar yesterday. Your switching system is absolutely amazing. What you've done is exactly needed by anyone who wants to really use their instrument as the technology/tool it's meant to be. I did a show with Shams 93 last night. The guys setting up these shows for us are serious gearheads. They're going crazy listening to my demo tones, and I'm getting requests to sit in! — Charles Claymore (CA), Guitarist/Vocalist, American Fado; The Masons; Shams 93


  • [Repeat Customer] The sounds I get with your T4-Switch is fantastic. Almost every combination of the pickups is a distinct and useful tone. I think your switch products really works well when the pickups are dissimilar - producing lots of (pleasant) surprises. When combined, the resulting tone is unlike either pickup by itself. Easy to install and connect. — John Guth (NY)


  • "For The Guy That Only Wants One Guitar To Do Everything." — Sam Robinson, in-house Guitar Center Luthier (Southfield, MI)


  • I used the KIT-T4 Pickup Switch Upgrade to replace the pickup selector switch in an ESP/LTD Viper 50. While the KIT-T4 is not a kit for absolute beginners, anyone who has some experience with a soldering iron can put it together. No danger of foil-lifting on the high quality circuit board supplied, and detailed instructions all the way through final testing! I'm going to keep this as a 'shop' guitar, as your flexible connection system lets me audition any pickups - without reaching for the soldering iron! Thank you and congratulations on your AweSome products. — Patrick Bushaw (FL)


  • "In the studio, selecting the right guitar for the part is more than half the battle. Having a palette of sounds to choose from helps you play to your particular strengths, and the marriage of creative ideas to appropriate instruments is hard to beat." — Rich Tozzoli, Music Producer/Composer/Mixer (NJ)

  • [Product Reviewer] and [Repeat Customer] The Stratocaster T3Plus Pickup Switch Upgrade product was installed into a Squire Affinity Strat. It took a little time getting used to the different sounds that can be achieved with the various switch combinations. But after trying a few switch combinations, I began to understand the sounds that can be achieved makes the upgrade well worthwhile. The Pickup Switch Upgrade products come in to a league of its own in a studio situation because it removes the need to carry an arsenal of guitars – and replaces them with just one guitar upgraded with your product.

    The tones that can be achieved with this product have the characteristics that resemble some of the great guitars of our time. The tones don't replace having the original instrument, but that being said they are simply a fantastic compromise and are a real value to a traveling studio musician that doesn't want to haul all their guitars from studio to studio. In a live performance situation the amount of switches can make fast switching a little difficult but nothing that can't be resolved with a little practice.

    On stage or in the studio this upgrade gives you the same freedom of owning all the great guitars – past and present – and at a fraction of the cost. The installation of this upgrade has increased the versatility of my Squire Strat ten-fold. With the 35 unique pickup tones I now have available, it has taken a standard Squire Strat and pushed it into the 21st century giving me tones I would have never even thought were possible from a single guitar.

    To see a video of all the pickup tone combinations on YouTube, click here. — Matt Roberts (UK), (


  • An Endorsement:
    "The easiest way to get a multiplicity of tones on any electric guitar or bass." — Mike Koontz, Koontz Guitar Repair (Ferndale, MI)


  • This Super-User has worked with all three core Pickup Switch Upgrade products:
    In 2013 I completed my ten year quest to build the perfect Stratocaster for me. Along the way I built and sold a myriad of bodies, necks , pickups and misc. bits of hardware. The remaining "Keeper" Strat has a Warmoth hard tail body with Fender vintage bridge and saddles. The maple neck and tuners are Fender. The pickups are Lace Sensor Hot Golds (6.0k). Your T3Plus-Switch ties it all together to complete the perfect guitar for me. It's the black strat in the attached photos.

    Along the way, I've tried your T2 and T3Plus products in different configurations of Teles and a Bass. I've also tried the T4-Switch in a Strat with two four wire humbuckers. All worked well, as described on your web site. At the end of the day, I guess I'm a Strat single coil kind of guy, so all the others have been sold.

    I like the idea of having everything fit together without the need for soldering. This means that the average Strat, Tele, JB and PB owner should be able to assemble the components without difficulty. In my opinion, the T3Plus-Switch is a winner, and will remain in at least one of my two remaining Strats permanently.

    Your Pickup Switch Upgrade products have made available everything a given set of pick-ups has to offer. Like kids, some pick-ups don't "play well" with others. Results can vary widely depending on the pickups you are using. Some mix well with others, and some don't. However, with the hundreds of pick-ups now available, there are thousands of permutations as to how these products could be configured.

    I look what your Pickup Switch Upgrade products offer as a "tone buffet". Every person using this system can choose a series of tones to suit their own taste, much as they would in a food buffet. Different tones will appeal to different people, but there will enough options for anyone to find the ones that "speak" to them. I don't foresee anyone using all thirty five tones anymore than I would expect them to select all thirty-five selections from a food buffet. It's up to the user to creatively combine these into something better than they had before. The important thing is that you have made available to them everything that a particular set of pickups has to offer. That is the real strength of your products.

    Regarding the Telecaster 3-pickup upgrade: I would probably pick 5 or 6 of these 35 tones to use on a regular basis. This would probably be the case for most users, although the tones chosen could be very different depending on what sort of music they are into. Having dissimilar pickups also increases the range of pickup tone surprises. That is the real strength of this system. It's a huge improvement over the two pick-up Tele configuration and is a keeper.

    Of the four Pickup Switch Upgrade products that I've tested, the T3Plus-Switch in the Strat with the single coil Hot Golds is my favorite. The T3Plus-Switch in the Tele would be my second choice. The T4-Switch with the two humbuckers would be number three. I've come to the conclusion that I prefer single coils over humbuckers, so this is not negative for the product. There are lots of folks out there that would love the flexibility of this product. A great bunch of products with more to come by the sounds of things. A job well done! — David Holdway (PEI Canada)


  • An Endorsement:
    [Repeat Customer] Recently, I was introduced to a gentleman who claimed to have invented the greatest innovation to hit the guitar since "Les Paul created the 'Log'". With a claim like that, I knew I had to check it out.

    The invention in question is the amazing Pickup Switch Upgrade family of products. A handful of mini switches gives you an unbelievable amount of pickup tone options. Many of these tones you have never heard or dreamt possible! Doug "The Hammer" Frye installed a TCP-T4 unit in my Dual humbucker Blunt Tele(tm), now I have 6 switches that give me an astounding 68 different pickup sounds!!! I was absolutely floored!!!

    I will put these in EVERY guitar I own from now on!!! You will be as blown away as I was. — Shawn David Anderson (OH)


  • An Endorsement:
    [Repeat Customer] Hell yes I want to endorse and carry these products. You have made my life so much easier now. No longer do I have to take two hours to scratch wire in phase, out of phase, coil splits etc. Now that job can be done in 15 minutes with your cutting edge products. Thank you. — John "AJ" Yenser (CA)


  • [Repeat Customer] I gave a Stratocaster Upgrade to Kenny Wayne Shepherd last night. I handed it to him myself before I interviewed him. I explained what it was and told him I thought it was a wonderful product. He said he would check it out! I believe in your product! — Chris A. (OH),


  • Your products are EXACTLY what our clients are wanting. For years we've had to to our own painstaking hours of work to modify electronics the way they wanted. After 40 yrs of doing this kind of work, your products are a breath of fresh air!!

    Approx. 85% of our clients are Pro. musicians that are on tour/on the road, and or recording artists. We are the warranty service center for over 40 manufacturers too. (We are VERY well known) Looking forward to doing business with you! — Chris Rochow aka "Dr. Fret" (OH)


  • I've been using your Pickup Switch Upgrade products for several months now. I've tried it with several different sets of Strat pickups. My favorite to date is with Lace Sensor Hot Golds. WOW... this combination works well. Definitely a keeper for sure. The added bonus with the Hot Golds is that they are absolutely quiet... no hum or feedback whatsoever. Also works well with Texas Specials. — requested to be anynomous


  • [Repeat Customer] Very cool! There's a reason your products are called "AweSome"! — Dan Coplan (CA)


  • I finally got the transformation done on my guitar. OMG, this is amazing! I cannot believe all of the different sounds that you can get out of the pickups compared to the stock 5 way switch. I put it in a early 80's fender Squire Strat made in Korea. The Pickup Switch Upgrade products made a world of difference in the sounds you can get out of it. I have spent about 2 days checking out the different settings for the switches. Totally too cool. I have settings for Boston, Judas Priest, AC-DC and am still finding new ones. Thank you so much for putting this up for sale. I don't understand why no one has ever done this before. It's pretty dumb that the guitar companies don't offer this on guitars. — Christopher Malcolm (WA)


  • [Repeat Customer] I installed your T4 Pickup Switch Upgrade product into one of my guitars and then took it down to the local Guitar Center and had the resident guitar gurus play it and BAM it's a hit. The one guy stated, "Wow this is all I need, I can get rid of 3 or 4 of my dead weight guitars I have to lug around each time I go out on a session."

    Your switching system products will revolutionize the industry. No need to spend thousands on pedals and simulators when you have all those analog tones available on one guitar. 68 of them to be exact, everything from Ringing the Bell to Dirty Blues, from Surf to Country Twang and everything in between. In Phase - Out of Phase, In Parallel - In Series you can turn on or off each coil within the humbucker or in this case a set of custom dual coil P-90's.

    The Pickup Switch Upgrade products give you the flexibility of modifying your tones to suit the song. No need to carry 3 or 4 guitars to a gig anymore so that you are equipped to play any type music, one guitar properly outfitted with this device is all that's necessary.

    This T4 Pickup Switch Upgrade product can be installed on any guitar with two 4-wire pickups or the combination of that formula. Let's take a Strat for example with one humbucker and two single coils. When you break it down like the Pickup Tone Multiplier switching system does, they are actually 4 independent coils that you can control with these two groups of 3 micro switches. Think of Brian May's rig only on steroids. After you install this upgrade it may be the last guitar you will ever want to play. It just doesn't get any better than this. — "AJ" Yenser - (CA)


  • First of all let me say WOWEE, WHAT A RANGE OF SOUND PREVIOUSLY HIDDEN FROM THE EAR, GUITAR and AMP. I had a choice of spare pickups to choose from and decided on my Fender Lace Sensor Silver's. The Pickup Switch Upgrade product all went together very well. Once plugged in, I was totally wrapped. I was amazed at the array of sound available and how versatile one axe suddenly became. I had to try and remember what sounds I preferred, and which ones I absolutely loved. I ended up grouping the switch patterns into blocks of sound, such as Surf, Blues, Jazz, Rock, Grunge, Metal, Country, Folk, over a couple of days.

    Since my band is a kind of 50/50 cover/original, playing pubs, clubs, weddings etc. (and we've been at it since 1966, so we're all old rockers that have lots of fun), I need to have a versatile array of guitars (I have 9 working axes), for each venue we play at. For example, the Pub is different from the Club, and again different from Weddings, etc.

    With this Pickup Switch Upgrade product, I can now easily get vintage to modern Strat sounds of Shadows to SRV (e.g., Clapton, Gilmore), some very useable Fender Jaguar surf, Les Paul PAF and even P90-ish, light Jazz, Tradition to Modern Blues, Country, Rockabilly, etc. All this from one guitar. Amazing. I'm impressed to the point that I'm now going to experiment with my Lace Sensor Golds, Texas Specials and EMG active SA's. With this switching system I believe I can reduce my working axes down to 2 — one Strat, and one Twin F-Hole hollow body Tele with P90's (taken from a 1982 Greco); all with your switching system. Thanks for your amazing Pickup Switch Upgrade products. — Paul Daynes (a very happy guitarist) (Australia)

  • This person upgraded their Electric Bass to get 68 Pure Analog Pickup Tones:
    I saw the T4 Pickup Switch Upgrade product in an on-line bass magazine and decided it was just what I needed for a rather unusual pickup configuration I was working on. With a J-style pickup in the bridge position, a P-style in the middle and Gibson EB style humbucker at the neck, I needed something that would put good use to all these tonal options without being too much of a handful to use on the fly. This thing came through in spades and I couldn't be happier with the way my bass performs.

    The installation method I chose was pretty invasive and is not recommended for the novice. I wanted the switches in a very specific position that involved routing a cavity in the body under the pick guard. Keep in mind that you can also purchase assembled control plates and pickguards with this T4-Switch (and other upgrade products.) Wiring the system into the instrument is a piece of cake. It's a straight forward process and the supplied instructions are thorough.

    The sounds? This thing blew my bass wide open. I can get all the classic tones you would expect from this pickup configuration, and the T4-Switch adds even more options to this arsenal of sound. The P-pickup, combined with the out-of-phase neck humbucker makes my bass growl like a Ric. The J-pickup at the bridge in unison with the P-pickup in the middle brings the sought after PJ sound. From that classic sound, and with the flick of a switch, I can put them in series and I'm slamming like a Stingray! Once you get your head around the way this system works, it's pretty intuitive and easy to use.

    My conclusion? This is a great value. My bass will now do all I had in mind when I began planning this project. I'm a bass player. I like showing up for the gig and being ready to play in 5 minutes. I've seen guys buy whole racks full of foot switchable gear with a mess of cables everywhere just to get this kind of versatility in their bass rig, not to mention the 3 or 4 basses they lug to the stage. My rig? A good amp, a good cable and my bass (that is now equipped with the T4-Switch). Short of outboard effects, if I ever decide to use them, this is all I'll ever need. — Rob Doane, D2 Custom Guitars & Accessories (Holland, MI)


  • I installed your product on a Bill Lawrence Strat and used some single coils I had kicking around and was blown away by the ease of installation and the sounds this guitar now produces. I'll be back for more. — Lawrence Serafini (NY)


  • [Repeat Customer] I have had the opportunity to test your switching system and evaluate it. The resultant variety of output voicing is truly amazing, my guitar is producing sounds I have never heard from any other instrument. As an added bonus on this instrument, I routed the pick-up output through a in-built amp/equalizer, enabling any of the 35 tones to be fine-tuned by the 4-band equalizer! This gives the guitar the ability to output thousands of audible tone variations. Thank you for supplying such a fine product, and I am very pleased to be able to endorse your switching system as a superb upgrade for any guitar. — Graham Mann (Australia).


  • I installed your T2-Switch in a Tele with P-90's and I like it very much. Just wanted say that the tones I'm getting are quite diverse. I'm getting nice Jazz & Blues tones as well as some kick ass Country Tele tones, and that's before I adjust the Tone knob. I'm building another Tele so I'll definitely be buying another kit. I have gotten a lot of great comments from players. The prototype I built with your Pickup Switch Upgrade product using the P-90's is awesome. — Brian Torrens (Canada)


  • [Repeat Customer] I use your wonderful system on my workhorse guitar everyday - and I'm still finding new sounds! I love it so much that I have already planned to buy at least 6 more. I'm intrigued with your latest design. — Shawn David Anderson (OH)


  • This Pickup Switch Upgrade product is well thought out. I have used it for several weeks and enjoy it's flexibility very much. The out of phase selections may need a little bit of tone control to be useful. A very worthwhile upgrade for sure! — arkerley94


  • 35 pickup tones is amazing! To even have 10 or 15 tones in a single instrument is a godsend and my Strat, thanks to you, now has 35! — Dan Coplan (CA)


  • [Repeat Customer] If I could only purchase one peripheral device or make one modification to my guitar or amp, this, hands down, would be where I would put my money. The Pickup Switch Upgrade products are nothing short of amazing. You can get them for a variety of guitars and basses. I can't imagine how anyone wouldn't be thrilled with the capability it puts into one guitar. For the gigging player, drop in a Pickup Switch Upgrade product into one of your gigging axes and drag one or two less guitars to a gig. — Chris A. (OH)


  • [Repeat Customer] In a previous email I indicated that I was pleasantly surprised by the improved sounds that your Pickup Switch Upgrade products produced on my Fender American Standard single coils. I decided to take this a step further, and replaced the Fender's with some run-of-the-mill Chinese built ceramic single coils that I took out of an Agile Strat. WOW!! What a huge improvement. These things sound like a million bucks! I'll play around with them for a week or so just to be sure, but I'm really impressed at this point. I'm really enjoying this set up! Very clever. — David Holdway (Canada)


  • [Repeat Customer] First there was the "Phat-Strat", then the "Super-Strat". Now with your product we have the "HYPER-STRAT" - a tone monster that elevates the conventional guitar status to another level entirely! From deep, warm slightly overdriven jazz tones, all the way through the tone spectrum to steely, glass-shattering treble of the kind never heard from a conventional guitar before. It is now possible to closely emulate a great number of well-known famous guitar sounds from the one instrument, thus largely eliminating the need to change guitars for a particular sound or style.

    The joy of constantly discovering amazing new tones from my decidedly low-end machine has revived my enthusiasm for playing and learning new material. The result is truly amazing, my guitar is producing sounds I have never heard from any other instrument. This switching system is a must-have for the casual or serious guitarist, opening the door to a new world of sound. The tones produced by all parallel coil-switching are deep, warm and very rich, with some combinations just providing ever-so-subtle variations to the basic hum-bucker sound, and others expanding the gamut way beyond the capability of a standard set-up. Reversing the phase of one coil of a pair results in a very thin low-level output, most probably only suitable for a nice bitey backing rhythm.

    Addition of another coil or two in parallel from the other pick-up with those produces a wonderful, rich twangy sound I have not heard before from any guitar. Slotting in a series-switched pair from one 'bucker along with any setting on the other results in a twangy Strat-like effect, but with added richness. And it goes on from there... Forever, it seems...  Coupled with superb sustain and absolutely no noise, your Pickup Switch Upgrade product has transformed something 'ho-hum' into a unique and remarkable instrument. The end result of this upgrade is an instrument to blow all the others away! This switching system is a must-have for the casual or serious guitarist, opening the door to a new world of sound. — Graham Mann (Australia)


  • [Repeat Customer] Installing the Stratocaster upgrade product containing your T3Plus-Switch and restringing the guitar took me a little more than 20 minutes. I sat there for the next 30 minutes flipping through the six unfamiliar switches on my now "Hyper-Modded" 1994 Stratocaster. Wow, I now call it my "Supercaster" since the upgrade, because what it has done to this guitar is nothing short of amazing. I was hearing dozens of new naturally produced tones and resonance from the guitar that I had not heard prior to the mod. The tones ranged from tight and muted to ragged and jagged. This upgrade is dynamite. Plugged in with a processor and the potential of this product is stellar. — Chris A. (OH),


  • [Repeat Customer] Thank you for standing so firmly behind your products. I think the switching system really works best when the pickups are dissimilar because it produces lots of pleasant and wide-ranging pickup tone surprises. I applaud your work and love your products. I'll be installing more of them. — John Guth (NY)


  • [Repeat Customer] Based on your website's claims about the performance of your Pickup Switch Upgrade products, I bought both your T2-Switch and T3Plus-Switch products. I was looking for a simple way to get more sounds from my instruments. I am most impressed with the range of sounds now being produced by my upgraded instrument that contains your T3Plus-Switch, and find that going back to the standard 5-way switching system would be frustrating and limiting. After installing your T2-Switch in my other instrument, going back to a 3-position switch is so limiting it seems primitive in comparison. Guitar manufacturers should use your products on all their instruments. The first one that does is going to get a huge edge in the market. — Ronnie Bolger (Nashville, TN)


  • Noteworthy quote: "The more command you have over your instrument – inside and out – the more confident you'll be as a player. And confidence is an artistic advantage." — Billy Sheehan, Premier Guitar, March 2011


  • When is Fender going to offer these amazing upgrades on their guitars???

  • This is like an artist finding seventy one more colors of paint to work with.

  • Your switch products are the Swiss army knife of pickup tones.

  • Steve Jobs would have your products in all his electic guitar and bass instruments if he were a player.

  • Fantastic! Would buy from Again! Product better than advertised! It's Awesome!

  • Interesting items. Guitar (and bass) players should take a closer look!!!

  • Product delivered exactly as described, well packed and shipped promptly. Highly recommended.

  • Well thought out, Easily worth the price.

  • Your company name describes how your products perform.

  • Since the upgrade I play that Strat more than I ever have. Thanks for making such a functional product.

  • Your product helped me find that "perfect" pickup tone that has eluded me for 20 years. Many thanks.

  • Excellent products. A must for all guitar builders.

  • Seller's item does exactly what it claims, fast International shipping. Recommended AAA+

  • This was designed very well. There is nothing else like it. Thank you

  • Wow! This gives me pickup tones that I've NEVER heard before. What an amazing upgrade!

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  • I find the three stock pickup tones on my instrument are very limiting after installing the upgrade.

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