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All the Tones You Need in One Guitar!

Are you a session player or studio musician who is constantly on the move? Do you want to have access to a range of tones without having to lug around multiple guitars? Look no further than AweSome Musical Instruments’ upgrades.

Our products offer unparalleled tone diversity, allowing you to achieve the sound you need for any recording or performance. With our loaded pickguards, you can easily switch between series, parallel, and single-coil tones, while also having access to reverse-phase and coil-tap options. This means you can have the sound of a dozen different guitars in just one instrument.

And the best part? Our upgrades can also save you time and money while traveling. Instead of carrying multiple guitars or spending money on rentals, you can have all the tones you need in just one instrument.

Installation is also a breeze, with easy-to-follow instructions and no need for extensive guitar knowledge. This means you can easily switch between different pickup configurations in just minutes, giving you even more versatility in your playing.

Join the community of musicians who have upgraded their sound with AweSome Musical Instruments.


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