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Switching Systems for All Tonal Preferences

At, we understand that every guitarist has unique tonal preferences, which is why we offer three switching system upgrades to cater to guitars with two, three, or four coils.

Let's start with the T2 system, which is designed for guitars with two coils. This system includes three switches that allow players to choose between different pickup configurations and tonal options, resulting in six available tones. The T2 system is perfect for guitarists who want to upgrade the tonal flexibility of their two-coil guitars, whether it's a humbucker or single-coil setup.

The T3+ system, on the other hand, is ideal for players with three-coil guitars, such as the Fender Stratocaster or Telecaster. This system features six switches and 35 available tones, allowing for even more tonal variations than the T2 system. The T3+ system includes two push-pull pots that allow players to activate coil splitting, which separates the humbucker pickup into its two single-coil components, providing even more tonal options.

For guitarists with guitars featuring four coils, we offer the T4+ switching system. This system boasts six switches and a staggering 102 available tones, providing the ultimate in tonal versatility. The T4+ system includes a push-pull pot and allows players to activate parallel/series switching and coil tapping. Parallel/series switching allows players to switch between parallel and series wiring, altering the pickup's output and sound, while coil tapping allows players to select specific coils of a humbucker pickup to achieve single-coil sounds.

All our switching systems are built on high-quality printed circuit boards, ensuring consistent performance and reliability. The push-pull pots in each system are rated at 500K, which enhances the brightness and clarity of the guitar's tone, particularly when used with humbucking pickups. The pro treble bleed modification maintains the guitar's high-end frequencies when the volume is turned down, preventing the guitar's tone from becoming muffled or muddy when playing at lower volumes.

Upgrade your guitar's tonal capabilities today with our switching system upgrades at


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