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What Can You Do with the T4+ Upgrade?

The T4+ switch from is a powerful tool that allows you to place your pickups in different configurations, providing you with a wide range of tonal options. Each of these configurations produces a unique sound that can be paired with different genres of music. Here are some examples of what types of music pair well with the settings on the T4+ switch:

In-Phase Wiring:

The in-phase wiring configuration provides a classic Stratocaster sound that is perfect for blues, rock, and country music. The bright and punchy tone produced by this setting can cut through the mix and provide a solid rhythm foundation. This configuration pairs well with genres that require a more traditional guitar sound, such as classic rock, blues, and country.

Out-of-Phase Wiring:

The out-of-phase configuration produces a unique, twangy sound that is perfect for funk and jazz. This setting has a distinctive "quack" that can be heard on many classic recordings from the '60s and '70s. The out-of-phase configuration pairs well with genres that require a rhythm guitar, such as funk and jazz.

Parallel Wiring:

The parallel wiring configuration provides a brighter, more focused sound that is ideal for lead playing. This configuration produces a clear and articulate sound that can cut through the mix and provide clarity to complex lead lines. This setting pairs well with genres that require a more precise and articulate guitar sound, such as jazz fusion and progressive rock.

Series Wiring:

The series wiring configuration produces a thicker, more powerful sound that is perfect for heavy rock and metal. This setting provides a boost in output that can help your guitar stand out in the mix.

Blended Pickups:

The ability to blend the neck and bridge pickups together creates a unique and rich sound that is perfect for rhythm playing. This setting can produce a warm and full-bodied tone that can fill out the mix and provide a solid foundation for the other instruments. This configuration pairs well with genres such as funk, soul, and R&B.

Pro Treble Bleed:

In addition to the flexible pickup configurations, the T4+ switch from also includes a pro treble bleed circuit that maintains your guitar's high-end clarity even when you turn down the volume. This circuit ensures that your guitar's tone remains clear and articulate, even when playing at lower volumes.

All Pickups in Series or Parallel:

The T4+ switch also allows you to put all of your pickups in series or parallel, providing even more tonal options for your playing. This feature is particularly useful for achieving a thick and powerful sound for lead playing or for blending all of your pickups together for a rich, full-bodied tone. The ability to put all pickups in series or parallel is a unique feature that sets the T4+ switch apart from other guitar accessories on the market.

The T4+ switch from is a versatile tool that can provide you with a wide range of tonal options to suit different genres of music. Whether you're a blues player, a jazz musician, or a heavy metal shredder, the T4+ switch can help you achieve the sound you're looking for. By experimenting with the different wiring configurations and taking advantage of the pro treble bleed and all pickups in series or parallel features, you can find the perfect setting that complements your playing style and brings your music to life.

So, if you're looking to upgrade your T or S Style guitar and want to explore a new world of tonal possibilities, the T4+ switch from is the perfect tool for you. With its ability to produce an incredible 102 unique analog tones, the T4+ switch can take your playing to the next level and make your music stand out from the rest. Whether you're a session player, studio player, or just a guitar enthusiast looking to expand your tonal palette, the T4+ switch is a must-have for any guitar enthusiast.


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