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What Makes AweSome Pickguards Unique?

When it comes to upgrading your electric guitar, choosing the right electronics is crucial. With AweSome’s fully-loaded pickguards, you can take your sound to the next level with unique features that set them apart from the competition. These features include:

Custom Switches

Traditional Statocaster pickguards come with a simple five-way switch. However, AweSome pickguards offer six mini-toggle switches. Our switching system allows you to turn each pickup on or off and toggle between “Normal” or “Reverse” phase. Our switches also allows you to choose between parallel or series wiring.

AweSome’s pickguards offer incredible flexibility which give you hundreds of different pickup tones to experiment with, which makes it easy to create a sound that is uniquely your own.

Easy Installation

The number of tones available is not the only thing that makes Awesome pickguards unique. They also come equipped with a printed circuit board that makes installation a breeze. Instead of having to wire each component individually, all the connections are already made for you on the board. This not only makes installation faster but also ensures a clean, reliable connection that will stand up to years of use.

Pro Treble Bleed

Another key feature of Awesome pickguards is their advanced treble bleed circuits. These circuits help maintain the brightness of your sound even when the volume is turned down. This means that you can achieve a consistent tone throughout your performance, whether you're playing at full volume or dialing it back for a quieter section.

Our loaded pickguard features high-output ceramic pickups and rails that deliver a rich, full-bodied sound. In addition, our Asymmetric pickups provide two distinct tones from each coil to provide players with more unique tones. With our six mini-toggle switches, you can customize your tone to perfection, selecting the pickup configuration that works best for your playing style. Our AweSome upgrades are extremely affordable and will make a huge difference in your sound. Why settle for a basic pickguard when you can take your sound to the next level with an AweSome loaded pickguard?


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