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Who is AweSome?

Thank you for visiting us here at AweSome Guitars. We aim to equip players with endless tone capabilities and we aim to make it pain free.

We design Made in U.S.A. upgrades for electric guitar and bass. They give you more unique pure analog pickup tones than your stock instrument is able to produce.

Our family of Pickup Switch Upgrade products are designed to give you all the additional hidden pickup tones that you cannot get from any other instrument.

Our products are "Lego-like" easy-to-connect-and-use upgrades for your electric guitar and bass. Now you can finally have all the possible pickup tones from your instruments to give you the ultimate in pickup tone power.

That's just the beginning. Keep up to date with our blog posts to stay up to date on new products, new technology, and what's going on with the world of AweSome Musical Instruments as we try to push the boundaries of the never-ending tone chase.

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