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Looking For That Elusive Signature Sound?

Want 6 Pickup Tones From Your Telecaster Thinline SS?

This Is Exactly What You Want!


Product Description

Want MORE From Your Telecaster Thinline SS Guitar?

Now you can Soup Up your Telecaster Thinline electric guitar (or similar/project) to instantly get more pickup tone power and increase your creativity and versatility.

What It Is
Upgrade gives you 6 pickup tones from your SS Thinline Telecaster or clone. 

Our "bare" version (available in two colors) to use your pickups. 

Has Pro Treble Bleed: keeps your brilliance even at low volume. 

Three mini switches to put each pickup Off or On, in normal-phase or reverse-phase, and in Parallel or Series (things a blade switch cannot do.) Do you want MORE pickup tones?

Instruments That Can Be Upgraded

You can upgrade these SS Telecaster Thinline models with 12-screw attaching pickguard holes. (Is one of them yours?)

  • 1969 Telecaster Thinline
  • 1969 Telecaster Thinline Reissue
  • American Deluxe Telecaster Thinline
  • American Elite Telecaster Thinline
  • Britt Daniel Tele Thinline
  • Classic Vibe '60s Telecaster Thinline
  • Limited Edition Suona Telecaster Thinline
  • Squier Classic Vibe Telecaster Thinline
  • Squier Telecaster Thinline (Vintage Modified)
  • Vintera II '60s Telecaster Thinline
  • Vintera II '60s RI Thinline Telecaster
  • All similar "clones" with 12-screw attaching pickguard


Customer Comment
Customer said: After installing this upgrade in my guitar; I stayed up all night playing it.


Easy To Install
Here are the simple steps to install this product.

  • You connect your pickup wires to the green solderless terminal strip (see picture)
  • You connect your output jack wires to the marked wires on this product
  • You connect your bridge ground wire to the output jack ground wire
  • You re-attach the upgrade and start exploring the additional pickup tones now available to you.


Product Use

How It Works  (See the picture)
Using our T2-Switch; you get six pickup tones with this upgrade.

  • Switch SW1 controls the Bridge pickup. Center position is Off; Down is normal phase; Up is reverse phase.
  • Switch SW5 controls whether the two pickups are in Parallel connection (down) or Series connection (up)
  • Switch SW3 controls the Neck pickup. Center position is Off; Down is normal phase; Up is reverse phase.

What You Get
You get a completely wired 3-ply pickguard upgrade.

  • Comes with our T2-Switch; 500K Bourns controls; skirted knobs and Pro Treble Bleed. 
  • A parts bag.
  • Instructions to install and use this upgrade (downloaded from our website).


Special Notes:
On these and some Asian models; you may need to redrill mounting holes; remove pickguard material or body cavity material. Purchasing this Upgrade means that you are OK with; and accept that possibility.


Tools Needed
To install this upgrade you may need one or more of the following tools (not supplied with purchase). 

  • Wire cutters / wire strippers  
  • Small pliers  
  • Small phillips screwdriver; small straight slot screwdriver   
  • Optional: Multimeter with ohmmeter function
  • Optional: Soldering iron (30 watt maximum); 60/40 rosin core solder


You get Shipping via USPS to continental U.S. Locations. Tracking is provided. 
We ship to: United States Only (i.e.; the lower 48 states)
Excludes: Alaska/Hawaii; US Protectorates; APO/FPO; and ALL other countries. 
If you are not in the lower 48 states; do Not purchase our products. 


No Returns. Ask questions before purchase.

Telecaster Thinline SS Upgrade Gives You 6 Pickup Tones

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