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Would You Like To SIMPLIFY Your Project?


Our user-installed VT-2 Volume-Tone Control for projects that use our switch products (i.e., T2P switch, T2 switch, T3 switch, T3Plus switch, T4 switch).


Designed to to to be used with our T2/T3/T3Plus/T4 switch products. Can also be used in customer-designed projects. 


Has Pro Treble Bleed: keeps your brilliance even at low volume. 


Customer Feedback

Your pre-made controls saves me time. -- Noel French

What You Get

  • Includes two high quality Bourns 500K right-hand audio taper potentiometers, .047mfd capacitor, attaching nuts and flat washers.
  • Mounting hole diameter: 11/32"
  • Maximum center-to-center mounting distance: 4-1/4"


Note 1: Includes parts bag, plus simple instructions. 

Note 2: Does not include knobs.


VT-2 Volume-Tone Control Includes Pro Treble Bleed

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