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Would You Like To SIMPLIFY Your Project?


Our user-installed VT-4 Volume-Tone Control for projects that use our T4Plus switch. Paired with our M1 Middle Pickup Switch and T4Plus Switch, your instrument with five pickup coils (i.e., HSH pickup configuration) will give you 276 pickup tones.


Designed to to be used with our T4Plus switch product and M1 Middle Pickup Switch product. Can also be used in customer-designed projects.


Has Pro Treble Bleed: keeps your brilliance even at low volume. 


Customer Feedback

A very low price for all the performance these controls have. It would take me HOURS to put this together from scratch! -- Roger P.

What You Get

  • Includes two high quality Bourns push-pull 500K right-hand audio taper potentiometers, .047mfd capacitor, attaching nuts and flat washers. Comes with labeled wires.
  • Mounting hole diameter: 3/8"
  • Maximum center-to-center mounting distance: 4-1/4"


Note 1: Includes parts bag, plus simple instructions. 

Note 2: Does not include control knobs.


VT-4 Volume-Tone Control Includes Pro Treble Bleed

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