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Looking For That Elusive Signature Sound? Want 102 Pickup Tones From Your Stratocaster and clone guitars? The AMI PROteus - Greenville Upgrade Is Exactly What You Want! AMI has partnered with Greenville Pickups to offer this one of a kind tone monster! This upgrade is the ultimate Session Players Dream Machine! Now you only need one upgraded guitar that will give you all the pickup tones you 've ever desired!


This AMI upgrade is the Ultimate ToneRannosaurus Rex upgrade that gives you QuadraBucker pickup tones (i.e.; all four pickup coils in series) as well as several dozen pickup tone variations. You'll receive a Grand Canyon Wide range of several dozen Blues; Jazz; Metal; Surf; Country - plus all the new and different pickup tones you have never heard before.


Our product provides:

* Advanced engineering using printed circuit boards to eliminate point-to-point wiring errors.

* Pro Treble Bleed: keeps your brilliance even at low volume.

*T4Plus Switch.- You get two groups of mini switches (six in total). The two black switches controls the Bridge and rear Middle pickup coils; letting you turn each coil On (either in normal phase and reverse phase) and Off with all combinations in either a Parallel or Series circuit.

The white group controls the the pickup coils; letting you turn each one On (either in normal phase and reverse phase) and Off with all combinations in either a Parallel or Series circuit.

*Push-pull tone pot (when pulled out) puts the rear Middle and the front Middle pickup coils in series.

*Hi-performance Greenville custom pickups (made in USA -

* Unequalled performance with our Professional Treble Bleed on the volume control to keep the brilliance of your pickup tones up-front and intact even when the volume control is dialed down.


It's like having several dozen different guitars rolled into one to give you a huge arsenal of more pickup tones. You'll get snappy highs; snarly mids; chime; Tele twang; and more - all available at your fingertips.

Greenville custom hand-wound Pickup Specifications:

Bridge Pickup - Alnico 2 no magnet stagger - provides a warmer bottom and less ice picky top end

DCR 9.8k - modern voiced wire, wound hot to provide plenty of humbucker punch and thump is needed

Steel Base Plate - add bass to the tone and provides a thicker voice to the pickup

M1 pickup- Alnico 5 vintage magnet stagger - tight bottom end with bright high and slightly scooped

DCR 7k - 70's voiced wire, flatter response with full sounding highs

M2 pickup- Alnico 5 modern magnet stagger - tight bottom end with good highs and less scooped

DCR 9k - modern voiced with thick cover wire to provide maximum bobbin size for a P90ish toned pickup

Neck pickup- Alnico 5 vintage magnet stagger - tight bottom end with bell clarity and high end

DCR 6.5k early 60's voiced with vintage type wire. Large bobbin for full warm strat tones

Each pickup row is reverse polarity and reverse wind to provide multiple humbucking combinations and voicings


Here are the simple steps to install this product.

* Remove your strings and confirm the upgrade will lay flat when installed (see the below Special Note)* You connect your output jack wires to the marked wires on this product* You connect your bridge ground wire to the output jack ground wire* You re-attach the upgrade and start using the several dozen pickup tones now available to you.


Each upgrade choice also includes the following.

* Parts bag* URL to download easy-to-follow installation and use instructions from our website Document Library


Special Note: This upgrade requires a "swimming pool" rout for correct fit. Your purchase means you are OK with - and accept - this requirement.

Tools You may Need:

* Wire cutters / wire strippers* Pliers* Phillips & straight slot screwdriver



Customer Feedback

I installed the upgrade in my guitar last night. WOW! It sounds amazing, thank you for an incredible product. -- Jose Amaro



Makes your Upgraded guitars Hard to put down. GUARANTEED!

AMI PROteus - Greenville Stratocaster SSSS Upgrade (102 Pickup Tones)

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