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Would You Like To TRIPLE Your Playing Enjoyment?


Upgrade gives you 35 pickup tones from your HSH Stratocaster guitar or clone. 


Has Pro Treble Bleed: keeps your brilliance even at low volume. 


Six mini switches to put each pickup Off or On, in normal-phase or reverse-phase, and in Parallel or Series (things a blade switch cannot do.) Do you want six times MORE pickup tones?


Customer Feedback

The more I use it, the more I like it. On stage it is good once you are familiar with switches. But in the studio this system just cannot be beat. -- Kevin Johnston


Easy To Install

  1. Connect your output jack wires to the upgrade wires
  2. Start exploring all the pickup tones now available to you. 

What You Get

  • One assembled and tested loaded Stratocaster upgrade
  • Parts bag
  • URL to download Instructions from our Document Library


Note 1: For American & MIM Stratocaster models. Other models or clones may need minor wood removal or mounting holes redrilled. Your purchase means you are OK with this possibility. 

Note 2: Bare Stratocaster versions are also available.

Tools Needed

You need the following tools. 

  • Wire cutters, wire strippers, pliers
  • Phillips & straight slot screwdriver


Makes your Upgraded guitars Hard to put down. GUARANTEED!

HSH Stratocaster Upgrade Gives You 35 Pickup Tones (loaded)

Excluding Sales Tax

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